Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night I was brought to tears! My upper lip, cheeks, and my palate started burning! I was dying! I was literally crying, and crying even harder when I was trying to eat my noodles! After about an hour it subsided. I'm hoping this was my nerves coming to life or something. My upper lip is still very numb, and so is my upper lip area. My upper palate and teeth are still numb, and my cheeks are almost back to 100%. I lied! I can feel about half of my palate W-A-A-A-Y in the back. And I can feel one of my molars...weird....
I see my oral surgeon again next month. I'm pretty sure that will be the last visit for a long time. And I see the ortho this week. Which I'm excites about because I am tired of these stupid surgical hooks. I also want to get a good cleaning and my hygienist wants to wait for my hooks to come out. Understandable.
Also, I am in rubber bands on both sides and I have noticed that only one side seems to be responding to the rubber bands. One side is almost perfect and my right side seems to be moving so slow....only two of my molars touch! So basically I am only chewing on one side.

Monday, September 14, 2009

DAY 24

Well the numbness in my cheeks is almost gone. Which is good. That is what was the most irritating. The numbness in my nose is doing much better. Just one spot on both nostrils is still numb. I am starting to get the feeling back in upper palate. Every now, and then I get this pulsing and then this pain but then it goes away. My upper lips is still swollen and numb. The numbness does not bother me as much as the swollen-ness. When I smile it looks like I got a bad face lift! :) And when I talk or yawn it looks like I have no upper teeth because my upper lip is so swollen. But its not as swollen as day 18 so thats good. I'm pretty sure the feeling in my upper lip is coming back. I get these weird sensations in my lips. It feels like walking into spider webs, then it gets more intense and feels like pricklies. Like when when your foot falls asleep. And most recently the edges of my upper lip get cold sensations. My tongue is in bad shape though. My tongue tie is worse then it was before....so I have to get that done....I'm traumatized from my surgery so I think I'll get that done after the braces come off (December) and after the holidays.
A numb tongue, upper lip upper teeth, palate, and short tongue make kissing horrible! About 60% of my tongue is numb. Sorry my thoughts are all over the place. OH! And i'm off the pain meds, and have been eating regularly for the past week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 18

I got my stitches taken out today. The only part that stung was the part that my lip got stuck on. My lip ended up adhering to the stitch! That part was the only painful part. My cheeks are almost back to there normal selves. I have probably 20% swelling left in my cheeks, and 50% swelling on my top lip, and upper lip area.
I have been feeling so much better. I have more energy I am eating more and even started working out. Nothing too major, just walking and sit ups, push ups things like that. I am going to buy a scale on payday because I want to know how much weight I lost.
I'll try and post pictures

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things are going good!

I had my first day of work, and it wasn't bad. My mouth and jaw hurt by the end of the day, and I was so tired! It was so bad today that I had to take a dose of vicodin. I didn't want to but I was in so much pain! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And getting out the house, and going to work has actually done some good. I feel so much better. The depression is gone, and I'm not scared for people to see me so swollen.
I saw my orthodontist and he said that my bite looks so good! He said that all he has to do is use rubber bands to bring my premolars down. Currently they do not touch. I see him next week, and he will change out my wires and give me a new rubber band configuration.
I also saw my OS. He said since my stitches still hurt that my stitches were not ready to be taken out. He will be seeing me on Tuesday to take them out. I didn't think that I would be ready for stitches removal by then, but my stitches hurt less and less everyday.
I am too lazy to put pictures up tonight, but I will tomorrow.
I also lost so much weight! I'm not sure in pounds, but I did go down one pant size. I want to eat my weight back so bad! I AM SO HUNGRY! But instead my husband is going to take me to the gym starting tomorrow. I lost weight, so now I just need to lose a few more and tone up.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Day ten-am i seeing progress?

My swelling is down a lot! But I still look like I got jumped. I have such a fat lip, that no matter how much chap stick I put on it still splits and bleeds. I am eating more, which brings up my energy levels. In fact I am trying to eat a piece of cake right now :) And I opened up my mouth wide enough to get all that nasty shit off my tongue. That was so freakin gross! ugh! It took like a good 20-25 min to get it all off too. Yuck! I almost have all the feeling in my nose. I have a little feeling in my cheeks, and my upper lip and the area between my upper lip and my nose gets that tingling feeling. Which is good.
I start work tomorrow....ugh! My job is being very accommodating so far. I have two appts tomorrow. I have an ortho appt, and an OS appt tomorrow. So I don't have to go back to work till after my appointments which will be like 1300! YAY! Half day! I am going to ask the OS if I can either have another week off, or work half days. I just don't have the energy to work yet, and I cant talk that well. It's embarrassing.
I am getting my stitches taken out tomorrow by my OS, does that hurt? I am so nervous!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

day 8 band not doing good

Today is day 8 post op. And things are not going well for me. I am so swollen, numb it hurts to smile. And I love smiling. My numbness is not what is bothering the most, nor the swelling. It's the pain I get from the stitches when I smile. I still can't talk properly. You can barley even understand when I speak. I am not looking forward to going to work on Tuesday. ugh!
I am also frustrated at the fact that i can't open my mouth. It hurts to open my mouth. I only had my upper jaw worked on, why is it so painful to open? My swelling has gone down from day three/four which was the worst...but it seems to have stopped. I'm just feeling depressed today. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Something was tickling (more like scratching) the back of my throat that I had the urge to throw up. I felt as if I could not get it through with my rubber bands, so I had my husband cut one rubber band from the right, and one from the left. I threw up just fine BWT. But, the thing is....I don't see my OS till Tuesday....that's three more days. And I really HATE bothering doc's when there is no emergency. Do you think I'll be okay with one band on the right, and two on the left. I can open my mouth more now, and makes eating so much easier. It's been a few hours, and my bite has not shifted at all. I'm also taking this opportunity to brush....what I cal brushing.

Also to remind you guys, I've only had a lefort one. So I'm hoping since my top jaw is immobile then the worst that could happen is really, really heavy rubber bands and not re-surgery. Advice please!