Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This is my very first blog, and as I am writing this I am feeling so excited! I got braces mid November 2008. I had my first "tightening" December 22ND. And at this appointment my ortho said that he is going to put a thick steel wire on my brackets the end of January. And 5 weeks after that I will most likely be ready for my orthoganthic surgery. The reason I am so excited is because when I first got my braces on the ortho said I would not be getting my surgery till mid September. I am starting to get nervous! Everything is becoming so real!

I talked to my Oral surgeon the beginning of November and he said that he is going to move my bottom jaw 8mm back and my upper jaw 5mm forward and I am also going to get cheek implants. He said if I would not get cheek implants I would have a concave face...not cool. Well I am typing this blog while I am at work so let me get back to work and hopefully I'll have some pictures up soon!