Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night I was brought to tears! My upper lip, cheeks, and my palate started burning! I was dying! I was literally crying, and crying even harder when I was trying to eat my noodles! After about an hour it subsided. I'm hoping this was my nerves coming to life or something. My upper lip is still very numb, and so is my upper lip area. My upper palate and teeth are still numb, and my cheeks are almost back to 100%. I lied! I can feel about half of my palate W-A-A-A-Y in the back. And I can feel one of my molars...weird....
I see my oral surgeon again next month. I'm pretty sure that will be the last visit for a long time. And I see the ortho this week. Which I'm excites about because I am tired of these stupid surgical hooks. I also want to get a good cleaning and my hygienist wants to wait for my hooks to come out. Understandable.
Also, I am in rubber bands on both sides and I have noticed that only one side seems to be responding to the rubber bands. One side is almost perfect and my right side seems to be moving so slow....only two of my molars touch! So basically I am only chewing on one side.

Monday, September 14, 2009

DAY 24

Well the numbness in my cheeks is almost gone. Which is good. That is what was the most irritating. The numbness in my nose is doing much better. Just one spot on both nostrils is still numb. I am starting to get the feeling back in upper palate. Every now, and then I get this pulsing and then this pain but then it goes away. My upper lips is still swollen and numb. The numbness does not bother me as much as the swollen-ness. When I smile it looks like I got a bad face lift! :) And when I talk or yawn it looks like I have no upper teeth because my upper lip is so swollen. But its not as swollen as day 18 so thats good. I'm pretty sure the feeling in my upper lip is coming back. I get these weird sensations in my lips. It feels like walking into spider webs, then it gets more intense and feels like pricklies. Like when when your foot falls asleep. And most recently the edges of my upper lip get cold sensations. My tongue is in bad shape though. My tongue tie is worse then it was before....so I have to get that done....I'm traumatized from my surgery so I think I'll get that done after the braces come off (December) and after the holidays.
A numb tongue, upper lip upper teeth, palate, and short tongue make kissing horrible! About 60% of my tongue is numb. Sorry my thoughts are all over the place. OH! And i'm off the pain meds, and have been eating regularly for the past week.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 18

I got my stitches taken out today. The only part that stung was the part that my lip got stuck on. My lip ended up adhering to the stitch! That part was the only painful part. My cheeks are almost back to there normal selves. I have probably 20% swelling left in my cheeks, and 50% swelling on my top lip, and upper lip area.
I have been feeling so much better. I have more energy I am eating more and even started working out. Nothing too major, just walking and sit ups, push ups things like that. I am going to buy a scale on payday because I want to know how much weight I lost.
I'll try and post pictures

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things are going good!

I had my first day of work, and it wasn't bad. My mouth and jaw hurt by the end of the day, and I was so tired! It was so bad today that I had to take a dose of vicodin. I didn't want to but I was in so much pain! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And getting out the house, and going to work has actually done some good. I feel so much better. The depression is gone, and I'm not scared for people to see me so swollen.
I saw my orthodontist and he said that my bite looks so good! He said that all he has to do is use rubber bands to bring my premolars down. Currently they do not touch. I see him next week, and he will change out my wires and give me a new rubber band configuration.
I also saw my OS. He said since my stitches still hurt that my stitches were not ready to be taken out. He will be seeing me on Tuesday to take them out. I didn't think that I would be ready for stitches removal by then, but my stitches hurt less and less everyday.
I am too lazy to put pictures up tonight, but I will tomorrow.
I also lost so much weight! I'm not sure in pounds, but I did go down one pant size. I want to eat my weight back so bad! I AM SO HUNGRY! But instead my husband is going to take me to the gym starting tomorrow. I lost weight, so now I just need to lose a few more and tone up.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Day ten-am i seeing progress?

My swelling is down a lot! But I still look like I got jumped. I have such a fat lip, that no matter how much chap stick I put on it still splits and bleeds. I am eating more, which brings up my energy levels. In fact I am trying to eat a piece of cake right now :) And I opened up my mouth wide enough to get all that nasty shit off my tongue. That was so freakin gross! ugh! It took like a good 20-25 min to get it all off too. Yuck! I almost have all the feeling in my nose. I have a little feeling in my cheeks, and my upper lip and the area between my upper lip and my nose gets that tingling feeling. Which is good.
I start work tomorrow....ugh! My job is being very accommodating so far. I have two appts tomorrow. I have an ortho appt, and an OS appt tomorrow. So I don't have to go back to work till after my appointments which will be like 1300! YAY! Half day! I am going to ask the OS if I can either have another week off, or work half days. I just don't have the energy to work yet, and I cant talk that well. It's embarrassing.
I am getting my stitches taken out tomorrow by my OS, does that hurt? I am so nervous!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

day 8 band not doing good

Today is day 8 post op. And things are not going well for me. I am so swollen, numb it hurts to smile. And I love smiling. My numbness is not what is bothering the most, nor the swelling. It's the pain I get from the stitches when I smile. I still can't talk properly. You can barley even understand when I speak. I am not looking forward to going to work on Tuesday. ugh!
I am also frustrated at the fact that i can't open my mouth. It hurts to open my mouth. I only had my upper jaw worked on, why is it so painful to open? My swelling has gone down from day three/four which was the worst...but it seems to have stopped. I'm just feeling depressed today. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Something was tickling (more like scratching) the back of my throat that I had the urge to throw up. I felt as if I could not get it through with my rubber bands, so I had my husband cut one rubber band from the right, and one from the left. I threw up just fine BWT. But, the thing is....I don't see my OS till Tuesday....that's three more days. And I really HATE bothering doc's when there is no emergency. Do you think I'll be okay with one band on the right, and two on the left. I can open my mouth more now, and makes eating so much easier. It's been a few hours, and my bite has not shifted at all. I'm also taking this opportunity to brush....what I cal brushing.

Also to remind you guys, I've only had a lefort one. So I'm hoping since my top jaw is immobile then the worst that could happen is really, really heavy rubber bands and not re-surgery. Advice please!

Day Seven...it DOES get better!

Well today is day Seven after surgery. My face is still swollen. It's more swollen in more places then others. My face is still numb, and its starting to peel. I was putting lotion on my face and all of a sudden i look at my hand and there is dead skin on it, mixed with lotion! EW!
My gums where my rubber bands are, are itching like crazy! My Dentist said that i just need to make sure that I get under there real good with my water jet.
Let's see, what else.....I guess that is about it. My teeth hurt from being clenched, it feels so weird to chew because my teeth touch so differently now. And since the moved my upper jaw so far forward I feel like my tongue has so much room in my mouth to move. My throat still stings when I eat foods. And my tongue is still numb, which sucks because I can't really taste food. Not that I am eating much. Pudding got boring real quick, and I HATE ensure with a passion! But my wonderful, wonderful husband is making me pasta! YUM! I hope I can eat it. Its still hard to eat, but when I do eat I get so much energy.....for a little while anyways.
I see my OS on Tuesday, and my ortho on Friday. I am hoping that I can get most of my bands off, so that I can eat some real food.
OH! And I also have to go back to work on Tuesday....That's ten days after my surgery....I don't think I can do it. I'm going to ask my OS for more time. I'm still super swollen, and only my husband can understand me.

Also, is anyone else's saliva so freakin thick!?! Whats up with that?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day four!

Day four had been the best day so far. My husband even took me to the beach! It was nice changing things up and going outside. I usually love being inside all day long, but I can't stand it anymore! LOL!
The pain is not as bad, its easy for me to control with heat, and pain pills. I am still scared to eat food, and open my mouth...but I will try to get over it and start it soon. I don't want to mess anything up by not doing what I am suppose to do.
The worst part that hurts are my cheek implants, and the constant clenching. The clenching gives me a headache especially around my temples.
I am starting to get feeling back in my face. Which is not necessarily a good thing. With more feeling comes more pain. I get the tingling foot fell asleep feeling on my nose, cheeks, and upper lip. I also get these cold sensations every now and then. The weirdest thing is that I get these like bubble feelings in my jaw...like my jaw is settling in its new home. It doesn't hurt or anything. it actually brings some relief of pain.

Monday, August 24, 2009

day three and getting worse

like i said yesterday I am now on liquid vicodin becaused i founf out that i am allergic to percoset. The vicodin WAS doing the trick....untill I saw my ortho this morning and he gave me two box style bands two onboth sides. and he also wants me to start eating fish and stuff.but i can't open my mouth...plus im not in the mood for eating. my jaw hurts just from forcing my mouth opento eat soup.
the pain is at a stable 4 on the pain scale. Its so annoying, direct heat works pretty well. i go back to the doc in two weeks and see my ortho in two weeks also.
My nose is also so stuffed! not blowing it is a pain in the ass! ugh! i am just hurting so much i am regretting this surgery so much! my doc said i wont start to feel better till monday...not today monday, but in a week monday! UGH! He said the first week is the worst...how did you guys deal with the constatn pain?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

more details on surgery,and med allergy! and pics!

check out those lips! so swollen
going to get ice cream! yum!
i love looking at this picutre, my teeth fit together nicley
front profile
side profile

trying to smile! :) right after surgery
no more underbite!

So my surgery was five hours long, just an hour longer then anticipated. The part that took the longest, was making my cheek implants even. The pain right now is a constant three. Its annoying its like having this constant buzzing in your ear you know? They gave me percasit/oxycodon for the pain...come to find out I am allergic to it. It makes my tongue and throat itch and swell so my husband took my to the ER and they flushed it out of my system, and gave me some liquid vicodin....which i took 2.5 hours too late this morning because i did not set my alarm properly lol!
Back to the surgery. I had a lefort one, tongue tie, and cheek implants. I have no sinus problems at all! Nasty things are dripping out of my nose, but I can breath just fine. I am so happy about this! The feeling in my cheeks, and my nose are coming back also. The tingling gets on my nerves, but I know that its a good thing. The oral surgeon says I can take my remaining two rubber bands off today. He took two off yesterday because I could not open my mouth, but the pressure of the remaining two rubber bands are killing my lower jaw! My top jaw does not even hurt a little bit, its the muscles in my bottom jaw because of the rubberbands.
I see my OS tomorrow for more rubberbands, and xrays.
So, sorry again for these posts, the vocodin is making my mind all hazy, and I know my blog is all over the place.
But I am feeling much better today then yesterday which is surprisingly good. here are some pics!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

on the other side!

i made it!!!!!!!! sorry ahead of time if this is all over the place I am still medicated. The surgery lasted 5 hours. i got done yesterday and I am already at home. Thank God! I do miss the meds though lol! I had a lefort one, cheek implants and got rid of a tongue tie i did not know I had. My pain is at about a 4 right now. Its pretty constant but I am handeling it. My bit looks so nice! Minus being so swollen. my cheeks are what's throbbing right now.
Ice and aquaphor are my friend right now. And childrens motrin and tylenol. My teeth also hurt from my top teeth hitting my brackets. Since I had work on my tongue done i cant take my pills (crushed) they burnmy tongue and throat and my tongue is so swollen that I can't swollow pills, let alone water and my tylenol. I just let the salavia drip at my mouth most times cause i cant swollow. I am going to try some icecream. maybe the cold will help witht he swelling. I dont regrat having it done...but the dull pain is annoying and getting worse you know. the nose bleeds are constant. guh!
my mouth is dry and sore and full of saliva i got a headache.....but i keep hearing the first week is the hardest.....I'm only on my first day.....its barley been 24 HOURS!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My surgery is at 1030 tomorrow! I am so freaking out right now! My stomach has been going 100 miles an hour with panic! I also got my pre-op instructions....not too bad....just the no drinking (even water) after MIDNIGHT! UGH!!!!!!!! I'm always so thirsty! My husband took the day off (actually 6 days off) to take care of me. I have to stay over night at the hospital, but that's not too bad. I can do one night. I also need to pack my hospital bag. But since my surgery isn't till 1030 I have time to do that tomorrow. I AM SO FREAKIN NERVOUS! AHHHH! I'm WAY more nervous then excited! Well all Wish me luck! I'll post some pre-op pictures tonight, and my post-op pictures as soon as I can!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 more days!!!!!

So I went to the orthodontist and he just wanted to add some more wire ties at the bottom 6 of my teeth so that they wont shift. Tomorrow I should get the phone call of my appointment time. And I also get my Olive Garden dinner....aka the last supper :)

I was nervous the past few days but now I am just anxious. I am just so ready for this surgery to be done and over with. I just want to get it done already! I have a feeling these last two days are going to be slow as hell. I keep looking at my prediction photos (which I still have to post) and just "awing" over them. Let me see if I can post them now.....

Yay I added the photos! I look so horrible in these pictures! And my hair was so short!! Now my hair is shoulder length


Monday, August 17, 2009

My ortho forgot what!?!

The front desk lady at my ortho's office called me today. My ortho needs me to come back later today because he needs to add something to my braces that he forgot? I'm not sure what he forgot, but I'll find out tonight.
Also, I decided to get a makeover after the surgery instead. I think I will need a little pick me up to help me adjust to my new face. I am going to add a few before pics here pretty soon. Maybe if I have time I'll do that tonight......

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm ugly!!!!!!!

Now, that my surgery is coming up I am feeling very ugly, and self conscious.....I think its because I am scrutinizing the way my face looks because I know that it will be changing, and I am looking ever-so-closely at all my faults. So to cheer me up I am going to get a little mini-makeover this weekend. I am going to get my hair and nails done. Plus I want to get my hair done before surgery so that I don't have to mess with it post surgery.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Change of plans

My oral surgeon left me a message (I called him back but he was in surgery) asking me if I want the cheek implants. He said that with the way he is moving my top jaw that he wants to do cheek implants. He said if I opt out of the cheek implants that my face might droop. So I think I will go with the cheek implants. And also my friend (who is an oral surgery assistant) wants to assist for my surgery. I told her yes.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy schedule!

I wrote a big long rant....but my computer lost service and it never got published! UGH!

Well the shorter version is: I am getting so scared that I am going to back out of this surgery. I trust my surgeon 100% but I am still scared. I feel like I will back out at the last minuet. I still have so much to do. I need to buy food, dvds, books, and make finale preparations with my family to make sure that they can still make it down here the day before so they can watch the kids while my husband and i are at the hospital. I get my surgical hooks put on a week before the surgery and also get my labs done that same day. I have a cleaning two days before my surgery. I feel like I am running out of time.

I'm also scared that I wont like the finale product. I feel like I will look worse then I do now. I'm scared that I wont look like the image I have in my head. I'm just so scared, nervous, and anxious.
13 more days till surgery day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surgical hooks

I'll be getting my surgical hooks on Friday the 14Th of August a week before my surgery. I am also putting a list together of things I will need. Here is a list of things that I do have:Cool jaw wrap10 zip n squeeze bagswhey powderand that's about it. What else will I need? Here are my prediction pictures: my computer is not telling me, i'll try again tomorrow

Surgical hooks

I'll be getting my surgical hooks on Friday the 14Th of August a week before my surgery. I am also putting a list together of things I will need. Here is a list of things that I do have:Cool jaw wrap10 zip n squeeze bagswhey powderand that's about it. What else will I need? Here are my prediction pictures: my computer is not telling me, i'll try again tomorrow

Surgical hooks

I'll be getting my surgical hooks on Friday the 14Th of August a week before my surgery. I am also putting a list together of things I will need. Here is a list of things that I do have:
Cool jaw wrap
10 zip n squeeze bags
whey powder
and that's about it. What else will I need? Here are my prediction pictures: my computer is not telling me, i'll try again tomorrow

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I GOT A DATE!!!!!!!!!!!

Before, I tell you my date let me tell you what I am having done. Originally I was suppose to have double jaw surgery with cheek implants. But now I am just having a leforte 1 (upper jaw moved forward, and up) I wont be wired shut, but banded. He said I'll have to be in braces 6 months after my surgery. Which is not too bad. So here is what I've been waiting for MY......SURGERY.....DATE.....IS.....AUGUST 21ST! That's less then a month away! :)

I also got my prediction picture! I'll have to post it up here when I have more time! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oral Surgeon!

I pick up my things from the ortho tomorrow, and see the oral surgeon tomorrow as well! :) Wish me luck on a date! Or at least an "I am ready for surgery," from the OS.


I went to my ortho had upper and lower impressions taken, then they also took a wax impression? I'm not sure what that was for. And I also had my ceph xray! :)
This was at 1200-noon. It's now 300pm and I am still waiting for them to call me to tell me to pick up my molds and xray so I can take them to my Orals Surgeon.
I called my Oral surgeon that I am ready, and he told me to bring my stuff from the ortho right over!!! :) I know most days he leaves at 300 though....and it's now 301! But I am going to bring them to him in the morning tomorrow if I miss him. But things are starting to happen! YAY!!!!!! I hope that my ortho calls me soon!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another OS dream!?!

This is number three for me! Or is it four?????..................

So in my dream I woke from my surgery, and the doc started explaining what he did in surgery. But the freaky thing is that in my dream I was so swollen and my face was tingly, and burning at the same time....BUT I SWEAR I COULD FEEL IT IN REAL LIFE!
It was just so weird.

But on another note, I started a new diet a few days ago....I'm hoping I can lose 20 pounds before surgery. So far so good....we will see how it goes.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

WELL.........I TRIED.....

I have an appointment to get molds and x rays done on the 29th. (in 6 days) I am so impatient, that I called up my ortho to see if they had an early appt. Well, THEY DID!!!!............a day earlier! HAHAHA!
I was hoping they could see me today, or tomorrow.....but still it's earlier right!?!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I just wanted to add my two cents: Mr. Jackson, you will be missed. Especially by me. I feel like you were apart of my childhood. We grew up together in a way. But for some reason I am not to sad. I feel like this was the right time for you to die. You are no longer needed here on this earth. You have done all the good you could do here. Now it's time to take it up a notch, and help God himself.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just had my cleaning done a few hours ago, and my hygienist is so proud of the way I keep my teeth! She says' she hates when she see's people come in with the white around their brackets from not cleaning properly. She says that she wants to get in "there" one more time before i am all wired up. She also said that she can get water piks at a discount price since she is a hygienist! So she is going to order me one! How nice! She is very into my surgery. She has a three year old daughter she has a class three bite. And just in case she has to go through this she wants to know what my experience is. But with technology these days they probably have things that they can do as a child to fix things and she may not even need surgery.

Some More good news that open gap between my first and second molars are completely closed! So I am going to give it about a week to settle in it's new place and call my ortho and see if he can get me in at least a week early. I hope that somebody cancel es! I still have 29 more days to wait for my next appt.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oral surgeono good news!

My husband went by the oral surgeons office. They accidental sent a package to dental instead o oral surgery so my husband went to give it to oral surgery. And the oral surgeon asked him when I'll be surgery ready and that he is tired of waiting to do my jaw surgery!
How fantastic is that! He also said the he can't wait to do my jaw surgery! I am a complicated case and my oral surgeon loves his job! So yup, theirs my good news!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures as promised

Sorry these are not the best photo's. I took them with my phone. But you can see that my teeth are so close to being ready! My next ortho app isn't for another 6 weeks! I don't want to wait that long so I am going to see if they have a sooner appointment for me.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've got an issue...and I need your help!

When I got home from work today my jaw started aching so bad. I took two 800mg's of Motrin....but it did not work. The pain has gone from right jaw socket to left jaw socket and down to my glands under my chin. I was wondering if this is normal.
I took more Motrin and now I am going to take some flexeril to see if that helps. The pain seems to be radiating from my wisdom teeth....weird.....if it is not better by the morning I think I will see my dentist or orthodontist....

Now I can get excited!!!!

I had my ortho appointment this morning. My doc showed me the pano that he took last month and my roots are perfect! He was scared for my lower teeth because i have short roos. numbers 20-24. But they are all good!
Then he took a look at my bite and what he said was so exciting! "GREAT! Steve (my oral surgeon) is going to love this! I can't wait till next month when we take the models to see how your new bite is going to look."
All through out my appointment he was telling me how he can't wait for my next appointment....which in turn is getting me excited. We are also going to be taking a ceph.
So at this appointment I got the same tan/heavy rubber bands (We never had to go to super heavy bands) He put new bands around my top (we have not messed with my upper arch for months) and a new power chain on the bottom.
I have not had to take Aspirin for the last 4 of my adjustments....I wish I would have this time. He is pulling my bottom right molars....holy shit!!!!!!!! They hurt like hell. I couldn't even eat my banana bread! The bread didn't even have nuts in them!
HOLY SHIT!!!!! (sorry I only cuss when I'm excited or scared) my molars are closed!!!!!! He put the power chains all the way to my molars this time and put a wire tie back their and my molar is closed!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!
Yup! So if I am ready for surgery in July....which my Ortho assures me I will, I will have my surgery in August.
I spoke to my friend who works with my oral surgeon and she told me that it only takes me OS two weeks to get a surgery room over at the hospital. And she said that once I get my molds to call her and i'll get an appoint within the week! WORK YOUR MAGIC GIRL!

OH! I am going to take some pics of my teeth from a few days ago to today and i hope that you guys can see the difference!

Monday, June 15, 2009


HOLY COW! I had the worse nightmare ever! I had a dream that I was having my jaw surgery. So they put the IV in me and put me to sleep. They wait a few moments....then the doc begins to drill holes all over the inside of my jaw.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!""""""""" I try to scream. But to no avail. I was not asleep I was awake! But my eyes where still closed. No matter how hard I screamed I just could not get the scream to come out my mouth.
So the surgery is over with and I try to text my husband. But he is no where to be found. I wanted to tell him about my horrible experience....then I start crying because my husband can't be found, nor my mother.....I was all alone. And in so much pain.
When I woke up I actually had to sit for a second and think if it all really WAS a dream.
Scary shit huh!?!
This was my second dream about me having jaw surgery and both have been nightmares....Just thinking about my dreams are making me nervous.
I have my ortho appt in two days!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I got my zip n squeeze package yesterday! The came really quick. I was not expecting it. But as I was ready the directions, they are only good for 2-3 days.....And I have 5 food bags, and 5 water bags....that's not enough for me. Seeing that I am going to be wired for 6-8 weeks. So next payday I am going to have to order more. My next ortho appointment is in 10 days!!!!!! Then my next ortho appointment in July my doc said he will more then likely give me the "okay" for surgery. So July we should be doing molds and all that jazz!
Since my Oral surgeon's schedule gets pretty full in the summer. What with kids being out of school and everything. Once I get my august appointment I am going to make my OS appointment for two weeks after. I don't know if the make the molds their or send them out....if they are just regular molds they should be done that day. YAY!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

zip n squeeze!!!

I just ordered some things from z n squeeze. I ordered a 10 pack kit and the jaw wrap. I heard from a few people that this company takes long to deliver their items. So I thought to myself I better order this stuff now. I am also going to buy a big thing of whey powder, and a few cans of insure. And just keep buying a few things here and their until my surgery. And I'm still hoping that my surgery is the end of August....but if it is that soon I'll be cutting it close on supplies. But I heard you don't have much of an appetite a few days after surgery.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My first cavity!!!!!

I think that I have a cavity! Every time I drink something cold, or use cold water on my tooth brush or blow in air my canine on my right side gets a "zing!" It started out as a sensitive feeling. but now it has grown into pain! I hope to God that I don't have a cavity. I can't take the needle in my mouth...just thinking about it is getting me all panicky....(no not a real word..oh wait.....yes it is!)

But other then my cavity problem, My teeth are doing well. My gaps are closing more and more every week! It's getting harder and harder to floss with my new tight contacts. I will definitely post some new pictures tonight, or tomorrow. I have class tonight so we will see if I have the time to do it. Between me and my husband in school, two kids under the age of 3, and cooking dinner....I might be too tired. And not to mention we both work 40+ hours a week! YIKES! Busy schedule . But, we will make it....even if its only on two hours of sleep. I feel so bad for my husband. He will be in school wand working while I am having my jaw surgery.....what a man I have to take all this on, and by himself!

I have the greatest husband in the world!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


As some of you know I work in a dental clinic. So I decided to take impressions on myself. The came out really good actually. There was one point where i could not get the suction off my top arch and I started feeling claustrophobic. But I stayed calm and got the mold out.
ANYWHO! I took the molds because I wanted to see how my progress is. Well my bottom arch is almost completely closed! I only have a .5 mm gap on the left side, and a 1mm gap on the right! So I think that I will be ready for surgery in July not August!
But the beset surprise came when I put my molds together! I put them together without my underbite and oh my word they look wonderful! I am going to have such a nice smile! :)
On my next ortho appt I am going to ask the orthodontist if I should drop my fall classes. If I am going to be ready for surgery I don't want to take classes and not be able to and fail out or anything. But I'm pretty sure fall classes don't start till September....so maybe I'll be good to go. Who knows...
But I just wanted to share my progress with you all!

Friday, May 8, 2009

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

My good news all started with the cleaning i had a day before my othro appointment. The hygienist said that she had nothing in my mouth to scrape! She said I am doing so good with my oral hygiene! YAY!
Then the next day at my appointment, the first thing the doc said was that I had such good oral hygiene! And that is why my teeth are moving so quickly! So I got a new set of power chains dark blue. I feel like that dark blue makes me teeth look whiter. So after he put on the powerchains and trimmed some of the extra wire. I knew he knew what question was coming....the same question I always ask at the end of my appointment. But he got me before I got him. He said that in August he is going to take my molds/casts and take a ceph x ray! :)
I have my next appointment with him in June...mid June. And I am going to ask him if he is sure I'll be ready.
I'm not trying to say he does not know what he is talking about....but I just want to know if I should take classes in the fall semester or not.
So after my appointment I talk to my OS and he said two weeks after I give him the molds....he will put me into surgery. It takes him two weeks to get a room and staff at the hospital. So It looks like its going to be August!
And I don't think that I will be getting my mid line fixed by the ortho.
One more thing.....I have had my braces on for 6 months!!!!!!! Time really does fly! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

oral surgery appointment

Well yesterday I went to my OS to see about the callous under my tongue. He said that the tongue bleeds so much, and since it is not giving me any pain that I can wait until my surgery to get rid of it.
That was fine with me, I do not like having needles in my mouth.....I've never had one, but it does not sound pleasant.
So the doc took some measurements and looked at my profile, and in my mouth. He said that if my ortho cannot fix my mid line (its off by 3mm) then he will have to move the top jaw. So so far he said I still need double jaw surgery, and I am so close to being ready. TAKE THAT ORTHODONTIST!!!!!
He said, that I should be ready sometime this summer. So that's between May, and August.....so yeah......
So, now I just wait, and see.
Oh yeah, my o.s. wants me to ask my ortho to fix my mid line so i wont have to have upper surgery. But I don't think I will cause that's more time in braces and pushes out my surgery. So I don't think I will. I know it means double jaw surgery but I'm not too fond with my orthodontist. So the less time I see him the better.

Do you guys think I am making the right decision? Or no?

Thursday, April 2, 2009


First off, I want to thank everyone who listened/read my venting blog. So I had my ortho appt a few days ago. He said that I wont be surgery ready in July. He said my top arch is ready but not my bottom arch.
I felt like crying! So he put figure 8's on my tops to keep my teeth in position and to let my roots settle in their new home. I also got a brand new power chain on the top. And a new arch wire.
I have the same arch wire on the bottom i got a power chain from pre molar to pre molar.
SO! I have been miserable for the past few days......until yesterday! I woke up and my bottom arch is so different! Every single one of my gaps are almost completely closed! (I'll have to post some pictures)
My ortho said that I would not be surgery ready because of my lower arch gaps....but they are closing!!!
HA! Stupid doc did not have any faith in my teeth and he made me feel depressed for nothing! I can't Wait to see the look on that cocky wife's face when I have my next appt May 6Th.
My next appt is so far out because I will be going on vacation for 11 days!!!! yay!!!!!!
But, yeah.....My gaps are closing and its only been in a few days! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm not sure if you all know this, but I am in the military and the military is covering my braces and surgery. BUT I found out last week that the military is trying to save money, and I might have to start paying for the braces out of pocket starting July....but If I get the surgery before or during the month of July then I wont have to pay for the rest of my braces treatment out of pocket. No matter what the the surgery will be free. But I can't afford to pay for braces out of pocket.

So I called my Ortho and told his assistant my problem. Here is our exact conversations
After I told her this situation I said: "I know I'm not an orthodontist or anything, but I was wondering if their were any way we could speed up the process, so that I wont have to pay out of pocket, because I will not be able to afford it."
And this is what she said: "No, there is no way we could go faster then we already are." She said this to me very nasty.

And the rest of our conversation she was very nasty. All I was asking was how much the payments would be if I had to pay our of pocket, and if she could ask the doc (who is her husband) if i would be close to being ready in July.

So I am done dealing with the husband and wife team. I made an appointment with the OS. I see him on April 8Th. And I am going to ask him if he thinks that I am close to being ready And if not when does he think I will be ready.

I already know that he wants me to have all my gaps closed. My upper arch is all closed but my bottom arch has four premolars and four molars to move.
And he wants me to have a 7mm under bite. As of now I have a 3.5mm under bite. So that's half way there. It took two months to get to 3.5 so I am hoping that it will only take 4months to get the other other 3.5.

UGH! This is so frustrating!

Honestly my teeth only have 3mm on both sides of my lower canines to go! That should only take about 3 months right!?! This freakin sucks!

It feels nice to vent! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My appointment!

I had another ortho appointment today. He did not change my wires out. He put a new power chain on top, and then put a power chain on the bottom from premolar to premolar. At my next appointment he will be putting in square size 17 arch wire.....whatever that means. i am in elastics still....which sux but oh well what can i do. By my next appt. i am hoping that my bicuspids and first molars. If things go as planned I should be surgery ready by June.....but every time i see my ortho my surgery ready date changes.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

July maybe? Thats just my own guess...

Well. my next ortho appt is in 2 days. I am so excited! My top arch is almost closed! I only have a 1/4 mm left. And my bottoms still have a ways to go but now my canines are completely closed. Next are my premolars. My premolars have about 4mm gap from where they are now to my canines.
now my bottom arch has been moving very quickly. About 4-5mm a month. Like I said on my bottom arch once one gap closed another one opens which is about 4/5mm away from where it is suppose to be. So if things keep moving like they have been then I think I'll be getting my surgery in...about 4 months which will make me surgery ready in July! I'll ask my ortho and see what he thinks

Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, if you didn't know I am in the Navy. So I worked my magic and now I have untill May 2010 to get my braces and my surgery done! I doubt......well hope that it does not take that long, but still I am so much calmer now that I am not on a time limit. Now I am not AS antsy about getting my surgery done now....keyword being AS :)

I went to my ortho yesterday because my wires were poking me in my cheek. He said that's good. That means my teeth are moving! :) YAY! My next appointment isn't till March 2nd....so 17 days and counting! :) My top teeth are almost surgery ready....but my bottom.....have months to go!

So thats whats going on with my teeth.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, the elastics are doing their job. Now my bit on the left side I'm biting canine to bi-cuspid. Very akward. And on my right side my canine is not touching any of my teeth! Crazy. This bite feels so weird to me. But my oral surgeon wants me to have a 7mm underbite before my surgery. So I'll prolly be at about 4mm by the time I get to my next appt in March. Here is what my bite looks like:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I did things a bit backwards

So after reading countless stories I have noticed that I have things a little backwards. All of you have seen your Orthodontist, t hen you oral surgeon. I went backwards I saw my oral surgeon first. He told me to go get braces. So I went and got braces. So now, a few months later I am wondering when will I know if I am surgery ready? Will my ortho tell me? Should I make an appointment with the Oral surgeon to let him see my progress? I am so confused? My next appointment with my ortho is march 2nd. I am going to give them a call in three weeks and see if they have anything earlier. And another question. How many times have you guys seen your oral surgeon. And what did they tell you at your appt?

Friday, January 30, 2009


I promised you guys from day one that I would put pictures here so Here they are! Sorry they are so fuzzy I took them all with my phone.

Here is me my first day in braces.

These next pictures are me at 8 weeks with braces.

This is me today actually :) 10 weeks in braces.

Here are those Gappy's I was talking about

Here is the opposite side

This is the best pic I could take of my bottom arch

And here is the top arch

Here is different views of me smiling

Here are different views of me with my mouth closed

Here is me with my mouth opened

Sorry there are so many pictures.....I am just playing catch up


You know how when your alarm goes off and you just want ten to fifteen minuets of sleep you just push the snooze button? Well I had the quickest nightmare in the world! The night happened in those ten to fifteen minuets of snooze sleep.
This is my dream:
I woke up in a surgery room. I was dizzy and light headed. As I was looking around the room I found a mirror hanging on the wall. I looked in the mirror. The first thing that i noticed was that my hair was a mess! It was sticking up everywhere! Then I looked at my face. It looked different, but the same. I opened my mouth to smile....and my teeth were so messed up! They were chipped everywhere, and broken and yellow....I started crying in my dream. Then I noticed that I have had jaw surgery but they messed up so bad! They did not move my bottom jaw back far enough and my lips were super huge and bruised. I took out my cell phone and tried to call my husband but he did not pick up so I called my mom and as I was telling her what happened I lost the call...........then I woke up.
MAN! What a nightmare!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I dont know if i want to cry or keep on smiling--

Well this morning I looked in the mirror to brush my teeth. I was brushing, and brushing--then when i rinsed my mouth and smiled in the mirror to make sure i did not miss pieces of oatmeal I noticed something.......
I have a beautiful smile! :) I know when you go to the dentist he's like "you have beautiful teeth." but you don't believe him. He's a dentist. He is just being polite. But my gappy-less smile on my upper arch is so beautiful!
I am always looking in the mirror and smiling....well smiling enough so all you see are my top teeth. My bottom teeth are not where I want them yet.
But Honestly I don't know if I want to just keep smiling or just cry because finally I have what I've wanted for so long. I am no longer hiding my smile. I no longer smile with no teeth showing in pictures. I can't wait till this whole process is done. I really cant.
All I've ever wanted was a beautiful smile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This morning

So I wake up this morning and I forgot I had the rubber bands in.....try yawning with size heavy in rubber bands. Can you say TMJ pain?
So I took out my rubber bands so that I could brush my teeth, and to my surprise my canine on my right side is almost closed! There was a 5mm gap between my canine and the other tooth!
And also the gap in the middle of my front tooth is gone also! Power bands are amazing! :) I think my teeth will be gappy-less**that was for you Katherine (Kate) :)** by the time I have my next appointment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I go in for my ortho appt and see the regular appliances their. The arch wire and the tool to put it int he brackets. So he's looking at my mouth and he says my teeth are moving so fast and my gums are wonderful.
He puts in the arch wires on the top and bottom and he also gives me my power bands! I have power bands on the top arch and power bands on the bottom from canine to canine.
I also have rubber bands for my bite. But since I am getting jaw surgery these wires are to make my underbite worse in order to give the surgeon enough room to work. I go back in 4 weeks to change out my wires once more and give me heavier rubber bands. And then hopefully at that appt. he will give me the okay to see the surgeon. So far so good everything is going as planned! :)

Today is my ortho appt!!!

As you can see, I am really excited! But of course because of my luck, and Murphy's law combined I don't have my appt till after lunch. So I am going to eat lunch and have 30 min to do a thorough cleaning before my appt. Well I'll add on to this blog once I have my appt.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ortho appt tomorrow

I have my next ortho appt tomorrow at 200pm. I hope that things go as planned and I get the nice thick wire to bring things together. I know for a fact that my top teeth will get t hat thick wire...but I'm not sure about the bottom.
My top teeth just has two gaps that need to be closed.
But my bottom is all gappy....is that even a word!?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I went and visited my friend who just had her jaw surgery. She looks so beautiful! Her nose is in line with her lips, and her upper lip is much smaller, which matches the rest of her tiny features. She had her upper jaw split in two and the left side moved more to the left for asymmetry. She was in pain but with the meds it was tolerable. The first day she was bleeding out her mouth and nose but the second day when i visited her the blood almost stopped. The doc told her she was not able to sniff...like when your nose runs. But she does anyways. She is on a liquid diet. Her surgery took 2 hours. I'm so happy for her. And she said her doc and techs are wonderful! Which is good news to me because that is the doc I will be having :)
She has no braces but has a palatal expander in. She starts turning it twice a day starting Sunday. Poor thing. Then on the 26th on Monday she gets her braces. Her poor jaw and teeth just wont get a break! Poor thing.
Oh and she can talk wonderfully!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy teeth!

So I got a cleaning not too long ago and since then my teeth have been so happy and moving like crazy! Everyday I wake up my bite is differnet. YAY!
So as I was getting a cleaning the hygienist notcied that two of my gums where growing over my teeth. GAH! So he checked for food under my gums but their was nothing to be found. He also saids the the over growing gums were very healthy and not bleeding. He thinks my brakets where just too close to my gums and irritaiting them. He said as I am getting my surgery the OS can easily get rid of my extra gums. THANK GOD!
6 more days till my next ortho appt. I am getting so excited! I hope he still says I will be surgery ready by the end of feb!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well! My friend at work is having her surgery on the 20Th! I was thinking about visiting her, but I am not sure if she would want visitors after a surgery like that.....what do you guys think?

Also a day after my ortho appt me, my husband and two kids are going to Virginia to look for houses! We got approved for our loan!?! We currently reside in Rhode Island but we are moving to Virginia! We wont be moving till around September though....Yes of this year! I talk to my ortho and he said that i will have my surgery way before September and i will be out of braces by then also. So here's to hoping every goes as planned!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today is officially my third month in braces. And my bite has changed so much.....for the worse! I know the doc said that my teeth and bite will get worse before the surgery, but C'MON! I know have a gummy smile, and when I though my under bite could not get any worse! IT DOES! I look like a Parana ! No lie! But I just keep telling myself that I will soon have my surgery and look wonderful!
Like I said....that's what I keep telling myself. Two more weeks till my next ortho appt. I am so anxious! I'm also scared. I will be getting the strongest arch wire next. I know my top teeth are ready for it....but my bottom teeth have not moved as much as I have anticipated. But I have two more weeks...so hopefully things start moving more.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Exercise and my Teeth!

Well today I exercised for a lil over an hour and while I was jogging I noticed that me teeth where killing me! I was not clinching or anything. My teeth felt like when I got my braces tightened. What's up with that!?!
Again I woke up this morning with a differnet bite....It still amazes me how much my teeth are changing everyday. It's exciting.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My teeth are doing something weird...

I am sitting here eating a peice of sliced (very small) watermelon and I felt and heard my tooth crack! Well upon later investigation its just that my braces are moving my teeth and one certain tooth is just a wee bit wobbely. I guess that means no more sliced watermelon for me. Oh well.

So I spoke to my ortho and he said that the end of feb he will be making me my molds to take to the OS! That means once i get my feb appt I need to make my appt with the OS to see if I am infact ready for surgery. It's so funny I just saw the OS three months ago and have only been in braces for two months.

One more thing before I go. I have a friend who is getting jaw surgery on the 20th of january. Then after her jaw surgery she will be getting her braces. Once she gets her surgery I will let you know how her journey went. She is having her jaw surgery done by the same Doc I will be having. So I hope that he does a good job!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I woke up two days ago to find that my bite has changed from one day to the next! It's amazing to me how quick my teeth are moving. I love it! I am so excited! Everyday that goes by is a day closer to my surgery date! I technically don't have a surgery date, but I do have a time frame. I should be getting my surgery around April, May. I know that I don't have pictures up on my blog yet, but I am moving into a new apartment and we are still trying to unpack and settle in. So hopefully soon I can up load some pictures! :)