Friday, January 30, 2009


I promised you guys from day one that I would put pictures here so Here they are! Sorry they are so fuzzy I took them all with my phone.

Here is me my first day in braces.

These next pictures are me at 8 weeks with braces.

This is me today actually :) 10 weeks in braces.

Here are those Gappy's I was talking about

Here is the opposite side

This is the best pic I could take of my bottom arch

And here is the top arch

Here is different views of me smiling

Here are different views of me with my mouth closed

Here is me with my mouth opened

Sorry there are so many pictures.....I am just playing catch up


You know how when your alarm goes off and you just want ten to fifteen minuets of sleep you just push the snooze button? Well I had the quickest nightmare in the world! The night happened in those ten to fifteen minuets of snooze sleep.
This is my dream:
I woke up in a surgery room. I was dizzy and light headed. As I was looking around the room I found a mirror hanging on the wall. I looked in the mirror. The first thing that i noticed was that my hair was a mess! It was sticking up everywhere! Then I looked at my face. It looked different, but the same. I opened my mouth to smile....and my teeth were so messed up! They were chipped everywhere, and broken and yellow....I started crying in my dream. Then I noticed that I have had jaw surgery but they messed up so bad! They did not move my bottom jaw back far enough and my lips were super huge and bruised. I took out my cell phone and tried to call my husband but he did not pick up so I called my mom and as I was telling her what happened I lost the call...........then I woke up.
MAN! What a nightmare!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I dont know if i want to cry or keep on smiling--

Well this morning I looked in the mirror to brush my teeth. I was brushing, and brushing--then when i rinsed my mouth and smiled in the mirror to make sure i did not miss pieces of oatmeal I noticed something.......
I have a beautiful smile! :) I know when you go to the dentist he's like "you have beautiful teeth." but you don't believe him. He's a dentist. He is just being polite. But my gappy-less smile on my upper arch is so beautiful!
I am always looking in the mirror and smiling....well smiling enough so all you see are my top teeth. My bottom teeth are not where I want them yet.
But Honestly I don't know if I want to just keep smiling or just cry because finally I have what I've wanted for so long. I am no longer hiding my smile. I no longer smile with no teeth showing in pictures. I can't wait till this whole process is done. I really cant.
All I've ever wanted was a beautiful smile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This morning

So I wake up this morning and I forgot I had the rubber bands in.....try yawning with size heavy in rubber bands. Can you say TMJ pain?
So I took out my rubber bands so that I could brush my teeth, and to my surprise my canine on my right side is almost closed! There was a 5mm gap between my canine and the other tooth!
And also the gap in the middle of my front tooth is gone also! Power bands are amazing! :) I think my teeth will be gappy-less**that was for you Katherine (Kate) :)** by the time I have my next appointment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I go in for my ortho appt and see the regular appliances their. The arch wire and the tool to put it int he brackets. So he's looking at my mouth and he says my teeth are moving so fast and my gums are wonderful.
He puts in the arch wires on the top and bottom and he also gives me my power bands! I have power bands on the top arch and power bands on the bottom from canine to canine.
I also have rubber bands for my bite. But since I am getting jaw surgery these wires are to make my underbite worse in order to give the surgeon enough room to work. I go back in 4 weeks to change out my wires once more and give me heavier rubber bands. And then hopefully at that appt. he will give me the okay to see the surgeon. So far so good everything is going as planned! :)

Today is my ortho appt!!!

As you can see, I am really excited! But of course because of my luck, and Murphy's law combined I don't have my appt till after lunch. So I am going to eat lunch and have 30 min to do a thorough cleaning before my appt. Well I'll add on to this blog once I have my appt.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ortho appt tomorrow

I have my next ortho appt tomorrow at 200pm. I hope that things go as planned and I get the nice thick wire to bring things together. I know for a fact that my top teeth will get t hat thick wire...but I'm not sure about the bottom.
My top teeth just has two gaps that need to be closed.
But my bottom is all that even a word!?!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I went and visited my friend who just had her jaw surgery. She looks so beautiful! Her nose is in line with her lips, and her upper lip is much smaller, which matches the rest of her tiny features. She had her upper jaw split in two and the left side moved more to the left for asymmetry. She was in pain but with the meds it was tolerable. The first day she was bleeding out her mouth and nose but the second day when i visited her the blood almost stopped. The doc told her she was not able to when your nose runs. But she does anyways. She is on a liquid diet. Her surgery took 2 hours. I'm so happy for her. And she said her doc and techs are wonderful! Which is good news to me because that is the doc I will be having :)
She has no braces but has a palatal expander in. She starts turning it twice a day starting Sunday. Poor thing. Then on the 26th on Monday she gets her braces. Her poor jaw and teeth just wont get a break! Poor thing.
Oh and she can talk wonderfully!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy teeth!

So I got a cleaning not too long ago and since then my teeth have been so happy and moving like crazy! Everyday I wake up my bite is differnet. YAY!
So as I was getting a cleaning the hygienist notcied that two of my gums where growing over my teeth. GAH! So he checked for food under my gums but their was nothing to be found. He also saids the the over growing gums were very healthy and not bleeding. He thinks my brakets where just too close to my gums and irritaiting them. He said as I am getting my surgery the OS can easily get rid of my extra gums. THANK GOD!
6 more days till my next ortho appt. I am getting so excited! I hope he still says I will be surgery ready by the end of feb!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well! My friend at work is having her surgery on the 20Th! I was thinking about visiting her, but I am not sure if she would want visitors after a surgery like that.....what do you guys think?

Also a day after my ortho appt me, my husband and two kids are going to Virginia to look for houses! We got approved for our loan!?! We currently reside in Rhode Island but we are moving to Virginia! We wont be moving till around September though....Yes of this year! I talk to my ortho and he said that i will have my surgery way before September and i will be out of braces by then also. So here's to hoping every goes as planned!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today is officially my third month in braces. And my bite has changed so much.....for the worse! I know the doc said that my teeth and bite will get worse before the surgery, but C'MON! I know have a gummy smile, and when I though my under bite could not get any worse! IT DOES! I look like a Parana ! No lie! But I just keep telling myself that I will soon have my surgery and look wonderful!
Like I said....that's what I keep telling myself. Two more weeks till my next ortho appt. I am so anxious! I'm also scared. I will be getting the strongest arch wire next. I know my top teeth are ready for it....but my bottom teeth have not moved as much as I have anticipated. But I have two more hopefully things start moving more.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Exercise and my Teeth!

Well today I exercised for a lil over an hour and while I was jogging I noticed that me teeth where killing me! I was not clinching or anything. My teeth felt like when I got my braces tightened. What's up with that!?!
Again I woke up this morning with a differnet bite....It still amazes me how much my teeth are changing everyday. It's exciting.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My teeth are doing something weird...

I am sitting here eating a peice of sliced (very small) watermelon and I felt and heard my tooth crack! Well upon later investigation its just that my braces are moving my teeth and one certain tooth is just a wee bit wobbely. I guess that means no more sliced watermelon for me. Oh well.

So I spoke to my ortho and he said that the end of feb he will be making me my molds to take to the OS! That means once i get my feb appt I need to make my appt with the OS to see if I am infact ready for surgery. It's so funny I just saw the OS three months ago and have only been in braces for two months.

One more thing before I go. I have a friend who is getting jaw surgery on the 20th of january. Then after her jaw surgery she will be getting her braces. Once she gets her surgery I will let you know how her journey went. She is having her jaw surgery done by the same Doc I will be having. So I hope that he does a good job!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I woke up two days ago to find that my bite has changed from one day to the next! It's amazing to me how quick my teeth are moving. I love it! I am so excited! Everyday that goes by is a day closer to my surgery date! I technically don't have a surgery date, but I do have a time frame. I should be getting my surgery around April, May. I know that I don't have pictures up on my blog yet, but I am moving into a new apartment and we are still trying to unpack and settle in. So hopefully soon I can up load some pictures! :)