Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My teeth are doing something weird...

I am sitting here eating a peice of sliced (very small) watermelon and I felt and heard my tooth crack! Well upon later investigation its just that my braces are moving my teeth and one certain tooth is just a wee bit wobbely. I guess that means no more sliced watermelon for me. Oh well.

So I spoke to my ortho and he said that the end of feb he will be making me my molds to take to the OS! That means once i get my feb appt I need to make my appt with the OS to see if I am infact ready for surgery. It's so funny I just saw the OS three months ago and have only been in braces for two months.

One more thing before I go. I have a friend who is getting jaw surgery on the 20th of january. Then after her jaw surgery she will be getting her braces. Once she gets her surgery I will let you know how her journey went. She is having her jaw surgery done by the same Doc I will be having. So I hope that he does a good job!

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