Friday, January 30, 2009


You know how when your alarm goes off and you just want ten to fifteen minuets of sleep you just push the snooze button? Well I had the quickest nightmare in the world! The night happened in those ten to fifteen minuets of snooze sleep.
This is my dream:
I woke up in a surgery room. I was dizzy and light headed. As I was looking around the room I found a mirror hanging on the wall. I looked in the mirror. The first thing that i noticed was that my hair was a mess! It was sticking up everywhere! Then I looked at my face. It looked different, but the same. I opened my mouth to smile....and my teeth were so messed up! They were chipped everywhere, and broken and yellow....I started crying in my dream. Then I noticed that I have had jaw surgery but they messed up so bad! They did not move my bottom jaw back far enough and my lips were super huge and bruised. I took out my cell phone and tried to call my husband but he did not pick up so I called my mom and as I was telling her what happened I lost the call...........then I woke up.
MAN! What a nightmare!

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