Friday, January 30, 2009


I promised you guys from day one that I would put pictures here so Here they are! Sorry they are so fuzzy I took them all with my phone.

Here is me my first day in braces.

These next pictures are me at 8 weeks with braces.

This is me today actually :) 10 weeks in braces.

Here are those Gappy's I was talking about

Here is the opposite side

This is the best pic I could take of my bottom arch

And here is the top arch

Here is different views of me smiling

Here are different views of me with my mouth closed

Here is me with my mouth opened

Sorry there are so many pictures.....I am just playing catch up


  1. great pictures! You will be SO surprised on how quickly changes happen... in the early beginning for me I had tons of crowding on bottom, and one day I felt a huge POP and my teeth were magically strait... weird... Looking good!!

  2. THERE you are! Maybe it's the girl in me (haha) but it's always nice to put a face with the name. So nice to meet you officially :)

    Aha: Now i get why you're not supposed to be in braces for very long (comparatively speaking). It must be faster to close up spaces than open up a bunch of crowding then close again. Lucky girl.

    You're a cutie~ love the flippy hair :)