Thursday, January 22, 2009


I went and visited my friend who just had her jaw surgery. She looks so beautiful! Her nose is in line with her lips, and her upper lip is much smaller, which matches the rest of her tiny features. She had her upper jaw split in two and the left side moved more to the left for asymmetry. She was in pain but with the meds it was tolerable. The first day she was bleeding out her mouth and nose but the second day when i visited her the blood almost stopped. The doc told her she was not able to when your nose runs. But she does anyways. She is on a liquid diet. Her surgery took 2 hours. I'm so happy for her. And she said her doc and techs are wonderful! Which is good news to me because that is the doc I will be having :)
She has no braces but has a palatal expander in. She starts turning it twice a day starting Sunday. Poor thing. Then on the 26th on Monday she gets her braces. Her poor jaw and teeth just wont get a break! Poor thing.
Oh and she can talk wonderfully!

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