Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well! My friend at work is having her surgery on the 20Th! I was thinking about visiting her, but I am not sure if she would want visitors after a surgery like that.....what do you guys think?

Also a day after my ortho appt me, my husband and two kids are going to Virginia to look for houses! We got approved for our loan!?! We currently reside in Rhode Island but we are moving to Virginia! We wont be moving till around September though....Yes of this year! I talk to my ortho and he said that i will have my surgery way before September and i will be out of braces by then also. So here's to hoping every goes as planned!


  1. Did you end up visiting your friend? I'm sure she would appreciate it, even though she'll be in a drug-induced haze.

  2. I did visit her! She was doing wonderful! Not much swelling her nose and lip lined up, and her upper lip got smaller. She looks beautiful! :)

  3. have a lot of different things coming up over the next several months. Congratulations on being able to get your new home in VA, I'm sure you're excited about your move. Do you have a surgery date yet??? I hope you're friend is on the mend and doing much better.

    Thank you for all your wonderful compliments on my's nice to have special friends in different places around the world supporting you through surgery. Have a great day in RI and I hope it's warming up back there!!