Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, if you didn't know I am in the Navy. So I worked my magic and now I have untill May 2010 to get my braces and my surgery done! I doubt......well hope that it does not take that long, but still I am so much calmer now that I am not on a time limit. Now I am not AS antsy about getting my surgery done now....keyword being AS :)

I went to my ortho yesterday because my wires were poking me in my cheek. He said that's good. That means my teeth are moving! :) YAY! My next appointment isn't till March 17 days and counting! :) My top teeth are almost surgery ready....but my bottom.....have months to go!

So thats whats going on with my teeth.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, the elastics are doing their job. Now my bit on the left side I'm biting canine to bi-cuspid. Very akward. And on my right side my canine is not touching any of my teeth! Crazy. This bite feels so weird to me. But my oral surgeon wants me to have a 7mm underbite before my surgery. So I'll prolly be at about 4mm by the time I get to my next appt in March. Here is what my bite looks like:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I did things a bit backwards

So after reading countless stories I have noticed that I have things a little backwards. All of you have seen your Orthodontist, t hen you oral surgeon. I went backwards I saw my oral surgeon first. He told me to go get braces. So I went and got braces. So now, a few months later I am wondering when will I know if I am surgery ready? Will my ortho tell me? Should I make an appointment with the Oral surgeon to let him see my progress? I am so confused? My next appointment with my ortho is march 2nd. I am going to give them a call in three weeks and see if they have anything earlier. And another question. How many times have you guys seen your oral surgeon. And what did they tell you at your appt?