Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I did things a bit backwards

So after reading countless stories I have noticed that I have things a little backwards. All of you have seen your Orthodontist, t hen you oral surgeon. I went backwards I saw my oral surgeon first. He told me to go get braces. So I went and got braces. So now, a few months later I am wondering when will I know if I am surgery ready? Will my ortho tell me? Should I make an appointment with the Oral surgeon to let him see my progress? I am so confused? My next appointment with my ortho is march 2nd. I am going to give them a call in three weeks and see if they have anything earlier. And another question. How many times have you guys seen your oral surgeon. And what did they tell you at your appt?


  1. Were you seeing your OS for another matter that he made the recommendation then? It's true, a lot of folks go the dentist - ortho- surgeon order, but mostly because that's often the chain for recognizing theirs a bigger problem. Not always, though. Some folks go to get their wisdom teeth out, and that's when the OS notices there's more going on, and then sends you to an ortho to get the ball rolling. I think it's a matter of how the person's "jouney" began.*shrugs*

    So far I've only seen my OS once, when making the initial diagnosis & game plan/question & answer time. I believe I'll be seeing him once more before surgery: to go over the final plans of what exact cuts/ movements he's doing, going over pre/post op care, final questions, make the down payment, pick the date, etc.

    Normally the Ortho is moving your teeth according to the Surgeons orders, and lets the surgeon know when this has been accomplished. Then it's time for the OS to see you again. Irregardless If you have more questions or concerns that need answering, I'm sure the OS would make an appointment to discuss them with you. He is working for YOU :)

  2. I think you'll get a different answer for this question as I went into my Ortho office first...but knowing I was already told years ago I needed lower jaw surgery. My ortho agreed and referred me to an OS after I started my treatment with him. The Oral Surgeon agreed that I needed lower jaw surgery. My ortho was moving my teeth according to where he knows that they needed to be prior to me having surgery and then the OS will do his thing. They did consult together after the pre-surgery models were made as to what my Ortho wanted to achieve and what the OS wanted to achieve...so,yes they do work together but you'll find each ortho and oral surgeon does things a bit differently. It's usually the Ortho who will say when you're ready for surgery as they want your teeth right where they need to be prior.

    When I was ready I started to see my Oral Surgeon a few times prior to my surgery date and then boom...I was in and out before you knew it. :)

    You're teeth are looking great!