Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, if you didn't know I am in the Navy. So I worked my magic and now I have untill May 2010 to get my braces and my surgery done! I doubt......well hope that it does not take that long, but still I am so much calmer now that I am not on a time limit. Now I am not AS antsy about getting my surgery done now....keyword being AS :)

I went to my ortho yesterday because my wires were poking me in my cheek. He said that's good. That means my teeth are moving! :) YAY! My next appointment isn't till March 17 days and counting! :) My top teeth are almost surgery ready....but my bottom.....have months to go!

So thats whats going on with my teeth.


  1. Sheesh, always something to navigate trying to get the timeframe worked out, eh? Glad the pressure's been taken off with "due date's" anyways. Haha! Definitely get that AS deal!

    Who knows, those bottoms might surprise you yet! :)

  2. Glad you're able to relax a little.

    It would be so great to be surgery buddies!!! :)