Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, the elastics are doing their job. Now my bit on the left side I'm biting canine to bi-cuspid. Very akward. And on my right side my canine is not touching any of my teeth! Crazy. This bite feels so weird to me. But my oral surgeon wants me to have a 7mm underbite before my surgery. So I'll prolly be at about 4mm by the time I get to my next appt in March. Here is what my bite looks like:


  1. Just stopped in to say hello. Your teeth look like they are really coming along. It's hard to be patient, I wanted my Ortho. to give me the go to see the Oral Surgeon way before I was ready. As hard as it is, the Ortho will tell you when you're ready.

  2. I know......ugh....i just wish i wasnt on a time limit ya know....but oh well

  3. Its a long road but worth it in the end. I only got 4 teeth on my upper jaw that touch my lower so that feels really really weird. Ha ha so i know what u mean.