Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm not sure if you all know this, but I am in the military and the military is covering my braces and surgery. BUT I found out last week that the military is trying to save money, and I might have to start paying for the braces out of pocket starting July....but If I get the surgery before or during the month of July then I wont have to pay for the rest of my braces treatment out of pocket. No matter what the the surgery will be free. But I can't afford to pay for braces out of pocket.

So I called my Ortho and told his assistant my problem. Here is our exact conversations
After I told her this situation I said: "I know I'm not an orthodontist or anything, but I was wondering if their were any way we could speed up the process, so that I wont have to pay out of pocket, because I will not be able to afford it."
And this is what she said: "No, there is no way we could go faster then we already are." She said this to me very nasty.

And the rest of our conversation she was very nasty. All I was asking was how much the payments would be if I had to pay our of pocket, and if she could ask the doc (who is her husband) if i would be close to being ready in July.

So I am done dealing with the husband and wife team. I made an appointment with the OS. I see him on April 8Th. And I am going to ask him if he thinks that I am close to being ready And if not when does he think I will be ready.

I already know that he wants me to have all my gaps closed. My upper arch is all closed but my bottom arch has four premolars and four molars to move.
And he wants me to have a 7mm under bite. As of now I have a 3.5mm under bite. So that's half way there. It took two months to get to 3.5 so I am hoping that it will only take 4months to get the other other 3.5.

UGH! This is so frustrating!

Honestly my teeth only have 3mm on both sides of my lower canines to go! That should only take about 3 months right!?! This freakin sucks!

It feels nice to vent! :)


  1. Venting is Okay. My insurance company put a deadline on my surgery and I was so worried due to the nurse in the ortho office stating there was no way I would be ready, but when the doctor came in, he said I was ready. He called the surgeon right then and made my surgery appointment. I was amazed. My dates went from sometime in May or June to April 7th. So by the time my original surgery date is here, I will be at least four weeks into recovery. That sounds okay to me. I am like the rest of the jaw bloggers... ready to get this over with. Hang in there, it will all work out. If you need to vent, just let us know... we are right here with you!!! : )

  2. Jeez, it's bad enough that you have to endure braces, but to deal with snotty people just makes it worse! I really hope things will fall into place...

  3. Well, at least you know what your surgeon wants! lol I have no idea what the goal of the surgeon or the ortho is. I'm just twiddling my thumbs while they do whatever they need to. Maybe my ortho put these power chains on to hurry up and close the gaps. I had a lot of them. I wonder why they need to be closed. They are closed now.

    Yeah, isn't it the worst to deal with snotty people? Why do people need to be snotty anyway? I just don't get it.
    Don't worry ~ everything will work out one way or another. Easier said than done, but I believe it's true. :)

  4. Teeth, in my case anyway, seem to have a mind of their own. It took what seemed like NO TIME for my bottoms to work themselves out, but my tops are still not completely straight a year into braces.

    So... if you have the surgery in July you won't have to pay for the braces after that, but if you get it in August you will? I hope everything works out.

    And I hope you get your surgery in July 'cause we could be surgery buddies :)

  5. HI! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You are going to be in my shoes before you know it! I've been in braces for a year and a half now and the time really has flown. Good luck!!