Thursday, April 9, 2009

oral surgery appointment

Well yesterday I went to my OS to see about the callous under my tongue. He said that the tongue bleeds so much, and since it is not giving me any pain that I can wait until my surgery to get rid of it.
That was fine with me, I do not like having needles in my mouth.....I've never had one, but it does not sound pleasant.
So the doc took some measurements and looked at my profile, and in my mouth. He said that if my ortho cannot fix my mid line (its off by 3mm) then he will have to move the top jaw. So so far he said I still need double jaw surgery, and I am so close to being ready. TAKE THAT ORTHODONTIST!!!!!
He said, that I should be ready sometime this summer. So that's between May, and yeah......
So, now I just wait, and see.
Oh yeah, my o.s. wants me to ask my ortho to fix my mid line so i wont have to have upper surgery. But I don't think I will cause that's more time in braces and pushes out my surgery. So I don't think I will. I know it means double jaw surgery but I'm not too fond with my orthodontist. So the less time I see him the better.

Do you guys think I am making the right decision? Or no?


  1. My ortho did not have my midlines lined up correctly, making the surgeon's job harder. I was in surgery double time due to complications. If I were you, I would want everything right so may be surgery want be so bad. I am 3 day post op, and still have a lot of swelling and some pain. I hope you do well.

  2. I'm not sure. Midlines have always seemed so odd to me - it's the one thing that's right in my face/jaw - I have been amazed watching other bloggers midlines change - both through orthodontics, surgery, and post-surgery orthodontics. Upper jaw surgery seems to be a lot tougher of a recovery than lower jaw only - keep that in mind.

  3. PS. Thanks for your nice words today. I'm going to wait until the appeal hearing on the 30th and then start looking in other places - private insurance, surgery outside of the US, getting the surgery through the army (my husband is active duty right now and will be for the next year or so), getting new insurance once my husband gets a job after being active, and then in the end getting a job in a school district that has the "right" insurance.

  4. Okay, I guess I will push my impatience to the side and talk to my ortho about my midlines. Plus my OS said that he may not be able to fix it....i'm not sure why. But thank you everyone for your comments! :)

  5. I'm trying to find out if he's activated officially (and therefore army) or if he's still national guard for this school. The next school is a year long and I'm almost sure he's active - we'll be getting the BAH and BAS, etc. Right now we're not - and he's just getting national guard pay we think.

    You can send me an email and then I'll have your email. I do have a few questions for you - my email is Or That way you don't have to put your email online anywhere.


  6. I'm new to your blog, just thought I'd throw my 2 cents it! I think it's important to consider if your midlines are asymmetrical because your teeth done line up or because your jaw is actually asymmetrical. If only your teeth are out of the midline, then your orthodontist should be able to slide your teeth so they match. If your actual jaw is off the midline of the rest of your face, that sounds like the oral surgeon's job. I know this because I went to my pre-op work up a few days ago and this is what I was told (by the way, my jaws don't match, which means the oral surgeon will be fixing this in surgery).

    Additionally, I was wondering if you could give me any insight about cheek implants. I think I would benefit aesthetically from them, but my OS hasn't mentioned it. Did your OS suggest this to you? Is it worth me bringing up or should I just wait to see what I look like post-op after the swelling goes down?

  7. my oral surgeon suggested them.....highly suggested them! The way my jaws are now I have puffy I never considered cheek implants....but my OS said that if I do not get the implants then I will have a concave face. If its a concern to you then you should ask your OS. Just tell him that a friend you know is also having jaw surgery and she is getting implants at the same time as her jaw surgery. So yeah...I say bring it up. No harm done in bringing it up.

  8. Hi changes911, my personal opinion is that getting a final result that you're happy with is THE no. 1 priority no matter what! EVEN IF it means getting the braces and pushing back the surgery bit longer, I know this will suck but at the end of the day you don't want to be looking in the mirror and not being happy with the result all because it saved a bit of time and meant you didn't have to see your ortho. If I were you i'd check that the OS and ortho are communicating and that they a)know exactly what you want to achieve and b)agree on how they're going to work together to do it.

    Hope this doesn't sound harsh - it's not meant to :)

  9. Which do you think takes longer?

    1) teeth moving in braces.

    2) swelling going down and healing of facial bones.

    Looks like the answer is clear.

    I think if you don't like your orthodontist, you find a new orthodontist.

    Surgery is a LAST resort, not a first.

  10. Hello...

    So my orthodontist said that my mid-line was going to be off a little, but he is having the surgeon focus on lining my bi-cuspeds (sp??) up for my bite and he said he could fix the rest after orthodontist is a COMPLETE perfectionist, so I feel pretty comfortable with him telling me not to worry too much. He said that the main objective is to get my bite lined up and that if my midline is off a hair and my bite is lined up, it won't be, I don't know if that helps at all. Each person's mouth is different. I think the big thing is that your orthodontist and surgeon are communicating so that they know what the objective is. I hope everything goes well for you!! Good luck!

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