Thursday, April 2, 2009


First off, I want to thank everyone who listened/read my venting blog. So I had my ortho appt a few days ago. He said that I wont be surgery ready in July. He said my top arch is ready but not my bottom arch.
I felt like crying! So he put figure 8's on my tops to keep my teeth in position and to let my roots settle in their new home. I also got a brand new power chain on the top. And a new arch wire.
I have the same arch wire on the bottom i got a power chain from pre molar to pre molar.
SO! I have been miserable for the past few days......until yesterday! I woke up and my bottom arch is so different! Every single one of my gaps are almost completely closed! (I'll have to post some pictures)
My ortho said that I would not be surgery ready because of my lower arch gaps....but they are closing!!!
HA! Stupid doc did not have any faith in my teeth and he made me feel depressed for nothing! I can't Wait to see the look on that cocky wife's face when I have my next appt May 6Th.
My next appt is so far out because I will be going on vacation for 11 days!!!! yay!!!!!!
But, yeah.....My gaps are closing and its only been in a few days! :)