Monday, May 18, 2009

My first cavity!!!!!

I think that I have a cavity! Every time I drink something cold, or use cold water on my tooth brush or blow in air my canine on my right side gets a "zing!" It started out as a sensitive feeling. but now it has grown into pain! I hope to God that I don't have a cavity. I can't take the needle in my mouth...just thinking about it is getting me all panicky....(no not a real word..oh wait.....yes it is!)

But other then my cavity problem, My teeth are doing well. My gaps are closing more and more every week! It's getting harder and harder to floss with my new tight contacts. I will definitely post some new pictures tonight, or tomorrow. I have class tonight so we will see if I have the time to do it. Between me and my husband in school, two kids under the age of 3, and cooking dinner....I might be too tired. And not to mention we both work 40+ hours a week! YIKES! Busy schedule . But, we will make it....even if its only on two hours of sleep. I feel so bad for my husband. He will be in school wand working while I am having my jaw surgery.....what a man I have to take all this on, and by himself!

I have the greatest husband in the world!


  1. So glad you have a good husband to help out. My goodness what a schedule. You guys need to find time to rest, you know. Hopefully there will not be a cavity. : ) Take care of those precious babies. And yes, you will make it. Bless you!!!

  2. Yay for good husbands!!

    And don't be too worried about the tooth thing - sometimes I have weird nerve things with my teeth - especially while they were moving quickly. So don't be TOO concerned.

  3. I'm trying not to be too concerned about my teeth, but with my surgery being so close. (end of August) I am just starting to freak myself out ya know

  4. I have had some zings with ice cold water and when I had molds taken. I know 100% I do not have any cavities. My teeth are just extremely sensitive from all the yanking and pulling. I hope you feel better!