Thursday, May 14, 2009


As some of you know I work in a dental clinic. So I decided to take impressions on myself. The came out really good actually. There was one point where i could not get the suction off my top arch and I started feeling claustrophobic. But I stayed calm and got the mold out.
ANYWHO! I took the molds because I wanted to see how my progress is. Well my bottom arch is almost completely closed! I only have a .5 mm gap on the left side, and a 1mm gap on the right! So I think that I will be ready for surgery in July not August!
But the beset surprise came when I put my molds together! I put them together without my underbite and oh my word they look wonderful! I am going to have such a nice smile! :)
On my next ortho appt I am going to ask the orthodontist if I should drop my fall classes. If I am going to be ready for surgery I don't want to take classes and not be able to and fail out or anything. But I'm pretty sure fall classes don't start till maybe I'll be good to go. Who knows...
But I just wanted to share my progress with you all!


  1. Lucky you getting to preview your new bite! Have to say i'm too chicken to ask my ortho when I might be surgery ready, but i'm dying to know! Mentioning your classes is a good way of steering the conversation in the direction of the Big Day :)

  2. That is so cool to be able to make your own molds. Glad you like your bite. Trust me, your surgery day will be here before you know it. I am very happy mine is over. LOL Bless ya! : )

  3. Yeah I like the fact that I can amek my own molds....I don't know why I did not think of it sooner. Discantus, you need to ask your ortho! I'm way to eager and curious not to ask! Especially so you can get things ready: blender, soup, etc. And also so you can plan...Even if you dont get a difinit date. So at least if it's winter you can prepare for what you are going ot do doing hte not hosting thanksgiving dinner at your house since you wont be up to it. Once you find out let me know! :)