Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I just had my cleaning done a few hours ago, and my hygienist is so proud of the way I keep my teeth! She says' she hates when she see's people come in with the white around their brackets from not cleaning properly. She says that she wants to get in "there" one more time before i am all wired up. She also said that she can get water piks at a discount price since she is a hygienist! So she is going to order me one! How nice! She is very into my surgery. She has a three year old daughter she has a class three bite. And just in case she has to go through this she wants to know what my experience is. But with technology these days they probably have things that they can do as a child to fix things and she may not even need surgery.

Some More good news that open gap between my first and second molars are completely closed! So I am going to give it about a week to settle in it's new place and call my ortho and see if he can get me in at least a week early. I hope that somebody cancel es! I still have 29 more days to wait for my next appt.