Monday, June 15, 2009


HOLY COW! I had the worse nightmare ever! I had a dream that I was having my jaw surgery. So they put the IV in me and put me to sleep. They wait a few moments....then the doc begins to drill holes all over the inside of my jaw.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!""""""""" I try to scream. But to no avail. I was not asleep I was awake! But my eyes where still closed. No matter how hard I screamed I just could not get the scream to come out my mouth.
So the surgery is over with and I try to text my husband. But he is no where to be found. I wanted to tell him about my horrible experience....then I start crying because my husband can't be found, nor my mother.....I was all alone. And in so much pain.
When I woke up I actually had to sit for a second and think if it all really WAS a dream.
Scary shit huh!?!
This was my second dream about me having jaw surgery and both have been nightmares....Just thinking about my dreams are making me nervous.
I have my ortho appt in two days!


  1. I've had scary dreams like that. No fun.

    Good luck at your orthodontist!! Can't wait to hear some good news :)

  2. Try not to worry. I promise you will be fully asleep during the surgery. I had the same question for my surgeon too. You will do great!!! Blessings to you!!! : )