Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now I can get excited!!!!

I had my ortho appointment this morning. My doc showed me the pano that he took last month and my roots are perfect! He was scared for my lower teeth because i have short roos. numbers 20-24. But they are all good!
Then he took a look at my bite and what he said was so exciting! "GREAT! Steve (my oral surgeon) is going to love this! I can't wait till next month when we take the models to see how your new bite is going to look."
All through out my appointment he was telling me how he can't wait for my next appointment....which in turn is getting me excited. We are also going to be taking a ceph.
So at this appointment I got the same tan/heavy rubber bands (We never had to go to super heavy bands) He put new bands around my top (we have not messed with my upper arch for months) and a new power chain on the bottom.
I have not had to take Aspirin for the last 4 of my adjustments....I wish I would have this time. He is pulling my bottom right molars....holy shit!!!!!!!! They hurt like hell. I couldn't even eat my banana bread! The bread didn't even have nuts in them!
HOLY SHIT!!!!! (sorry I only cuss when I'm excited or scared) my molars are closed!!!!!! He put the power chains all the way to my molars this time and put a wire tie back their and my molar is closed!!!!! OH MY!!!!!!!
Yup! So if I am ready for surgery in July....which my Ortho assures me I will, I will have my surgery in August.
I spoke to my friend who works with my oral surgeon and she told me that it only takes me OS two weeks to get a surgery room over at the hospital. And she said that once I get my molds to call her and i'll get an appoint within the week! WORK YOUR MAGIC GIRL!

OH! I am going to take some pics of my teeth from a few days ago to today and i hope that you guys can see the difference!

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  1. Hey, glad all is going well. You will be in surgery before you know it and we will be here to support you through it. Looking forward seeing the pics. : )