Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surgical hooks

I'll be getting my surgical hooks on Friday the 14Th of August a week before my surgery. I am also putting a list together of things I will need. Here is a list of things that I do have:Cool jaw wrap10 zip n squeeze bagswhey powderand that's about it. What else will I need? Here are my prediction pictures: my computer is not telling me, i'll try again tomorrow


  1. I bought: (off my blog)

    Baby toothbrush - make sure it's INFANT, as young as possible. The first kiddo ones I bought I still can't use to brush the surfaces on my teeth.
    Hand-held mirror
    Button up PJs for the hospital
    Liquid (infant) tylenol and ibuprofen - I bought infant even though it was more expensive because you can take a LOT less... I could take 30ml of the kid stuff or 7.5 of the infant, and it was really worth it to me.
    Sippy cup - I just used the cups, not the sippy parts - make sure it has a thick lip. That helped me a lot.
    Baby spoon - make sure they are as shallow as possible and thin as possible. I got some with rubber protecting and couldn't hardly get them in my mouth.
    Aquaphor - in the lotion section. Great on lips.
    Dry erase board - MUST have with extra pens
    Baby bulb syringe
    Q-tips (saved my LIFE cleaning out my nose)
    Afrin and saline nose spray
    Puke pail - I never needed it, though
    Neck pillow
    Hair bands to keep my hair out of my face.
    Hydrogen peroxide
    Food strainer - helps while you're banded shut to make sure stuff will fit through a syringe.
    Liquid vitamins - I bought some and hated them so much I only took them for a week. UGH, I still shudder at the thought of them.
    Chicken broth - also handy in thinning out too thick liquids without altering taste much
    Muscle Milk/ Ensure - you'll get tired of it, but I'm still using it to help supplement
    Drinks you like - I got gatorade and tea, both of which i had to water down a bit. I tried to make sure everything i drank that first week had calories (except water, of course)

    That was about it for me. Lots of netflix movies helped me out, though I hardly ever made it through them (I'd fall asleep).

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog...I will get surgical hooks 4 weeks before surgery...I will be getting them a few days after you do. They have given you pictures of what you will look like after? I wonder if I will...I'm so nervous. I hope your surgery goes well and the recovery is quick! keep me updated!

  3. Yayyyyyyy... things are coming together!!! : )

  4. Things are comming together! Time is moving so fast for me! It's already August 2nd! I still need to do so much!

  5. lol I'm freaking out already about all the stuff I need to get and do before surgery and I still have a whole month! I can't imagine what it will be like a week before!

  6. got my hooks on yesterday... they keep getting stuck on my lips when i talk, haha!