Monday, August 31, 2009

Day ten-am i seeing progress?

My swelling is down a lot! But I still look like I got jumped. I have such a fat lip, that no matter how much chap stick I put on it still splits and bleeds. I am eating more, which brings up my energy levels. In fact I am trying to eat a piece of cake right now :) And I opened up my mouth wide enough to get all that nasty shit off my tongue. That was so freakin gross! ugh! It took like a good 20-25 min to get it all off too. Yuck! I almost have all the feeling in my nose. I have a little feeling in my cheeks, and my upper lip and the area between my upper lip and my nose gets that tingling feeling. Which is good.
I start work tomorrow....ugh! My job is being very accommodating so far. I have two appts tomorrow. I have an ortho appt, and an OS appt tomorrow. So I don't have to go back to work till after my appointments which will be like 1300! YAY! Half day! I am going to ask the OS if I can either have another week off, or work half days. I just don't have the energy to work yet, and I cant talk that well. It's embarrassing.
I am getting my stitches taken out tomorrow by my OS, does that hurt? I am so nervous!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

day 8 band not doing good

Today is day 8 post op. And things are not going well for me. I am so swollen, numb it hurts to smile. And I love smiling. My numbness is not what is bothering the most, nor the swelling. It's the pain I get from the stitches when I smile. I still can't talk properly. You can barley even understand when I speak. I am not looking forward to going to work on Tuesday. ugh!
I am also frustrated at the fact that i can't open my mouth. It hurts to open my mouth. I only had my upper jaw worked on, why is it so painful to open? My swelling has gone down from day three/four which was the worst...but it seems to have stopped. I'm just feeling depressed today. Hopefully this will pass soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Something was tickling (more like scratching) the back of my throat that I had the urge to throw up. I felt as if I could not get it through with my rubber bands, so I had my husband cut one rubber band from the right, and one from the left. I threw up just fine BWT. But, the thing is....I don't see my OS till Tuesday....that's three more days. And I really HATE bothering doc's when there is no emergency. Do you think I'll be okay with one band on the right, and two on the left. I can open my mouth more now, and makes eating so much easier. It's been a few hours, and my bite has not shifted at all. I'm also taking this opportunity to brush....what I cal brushing.

Also to remind you guys, I've only had a lefort one. So I'm hoping since my top jaw is immobile then the worst that could happen is really, really heavy rubber bands and not re-surgery. Advice please!

Day DOES get better!

Well today is day Seven after surgery. My face is still swollen. It's more swollen in more places then others. My face is still numb, and its starting to peel. I was putting lotion on my face and all of a sudden i look at my hand and there is dead skin on it, mixed with lotion! EW!
My gums where my rubber bands are, are itching like crazy! My Dentist said that i just need to make sure that I get under there real good with my water jet.
Let's see, what else.....I guess that is about it. My teeth hurt from being clenched, it feels so weird to chew because my teeth touch so differently now. And since the moved my upper jaw so far forward I feel like my tongue has so much room in my mouth to move. My throat still stings when I eat foods. And my tongue is still numb, which sucks because I can't really taste food. Not that I am eating much. Pudding got boring real quick, and I HATE ensure with a passion! But my wonderful, wonderful husband is making me pasta! YUM! I hope I can eat it. Its still hard to eat, but when I do eat I get so much energy.....for a little while anyways.
I see my OS on Tuesday, and my ortho on Friday. I am hoping that I can get most of my bands off, so that I can eat some real food.
OH! And I also have to go back to work on Tuesday....That's ten days after my surgery....I don't think I can do it. I'm going to ask my OS for more time. I'm still super swollen, and only my husband can understand me.

Also, is anyone else's saliva so freakin thick!?! Whats up with that?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day four!

Day four had been the best day so far. My husband even took me to the beach! It was nice changing things up and going outside. I usually love being inside all day long, but I can't stand it anymore! LOL!
The pain is not as bad, its easy for me to control with heat, and pain pills. I am still scared to eat food, and open my mouth...but I will try to get over it and start it soon. I don't want to mess anything up by not doing what I am suppose to do.
The worst part that hurts are my cheek implants, and the constant clenching. The clenching gives me a headache especially around my temples.
I am starting to get feeling back in my face. Which is not necessarily a good thing. With more feeling comes more pain. I get the tingling foot fell asleep feeling on my nose, cheeks, and upper lip. I also get these cold sensations every now and then. The weirdest thing is that I get these like bubble feelings in my my jaw is settling in its new home. It doesn't hurt or anything. it actually brings some relief of pain.

Monday, August 24, 2009

day three and getting worse

like i said yesterday I am now on liquid vicodin becaused i founf out that i am allergic to percoset. The vicodin WAS doing the trick....untill I saw my ortho this morning and he gave me two box style bands two onboth sides. and he also wants me to start eating fish and stuff.but i can't open my im not in the mood for eating. my jaw hurts just from forcing my mouth opento eat soup.
the pain is at a stable 4 on the pain scale. Its so annoying, direct heat works pretty well. i go back to the doc in two weeks and see my ortho in two weeks also.
My nose is also so stuffed! not blowing it is a pain in the ass! ugh! i am just hurting so much i am regretting this surgery so much! my doc said i wont start to feel better till monday...not today monday, but in a week monday! UGH! He said the first week is the did you guys deal with the constatn pain?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

more details on surgery,and med allergy! and pics!

check out those lips! so swollen
going to get ice cream! yum!
i love looking at this picutre, my teeth fit together nicley
front profile
side profile

trying to smile! :) right after surgery
no more underbite!

So my surgery was five hours long, just an hour longer then anticipated. The part that took the longest, was making my cheek implants even. The pain right now is a constant three. Its annoying its like having this constant buzzing in your ear you know? They gave me percasit/oxycodon for the pain...come to find out I am allergic to it. It makes my tongue and throat itch and swell so my husband took my to the ER and they flushed it out of my system, and gave me some liquid vicodin....which i took 2.5 hours too late this morning because i did not set my alarm properly lol!
Back to the surgery. I had a lefort one, tongue tie, and cheek implants. I have no sinus problems at all! Nasty things are dripping out of my nose, but I can breath just fine. I am so happy about this! The feeling in my cheeks, and my nose are coming back also. The tingling gets on my nerves, but I know that its a good thing. The oral surgeon says I can take my remaining two rubber bands off today. He took two off yesterday because I could not open my mouth, but the pressure of the remaining two rubber bands are killing my lower jaw! My top jaw does not even hurt a little bit, its the muscles in my bottom jaw because of the rubberbands.
I see my OS tomorrow for more rubberbands, and xrays.
So, sorry again for these posts, the vocodin is making my mind all hazy, and I know my blog is all over the place.
But I am feeling much better today then yesterday which is surprisingly good. here are some pics!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

on the other side!

i made it!!!!!!!! sorry ahead of time if this is all over the place I am still medicated. The surgery lasted 5 hours. i got done yesterday and I am already at home. Thank God! I do miss the meds though lol! I had a lefort one, cheek implants and got rid of a tongue tie i did not know I had. My pain is at about a 4 right now. Its pretty constant but I am handeling it. My bit looks so nice! Minus being so swollen. my cheeks are what's throbbing right now.
Ice and aquaphor are my friend right now. And childrens motrin and tylenol. My teeth also hurt from my top teeth hitting my brackets. Since I had work on my tongue done i cant take my pills (crushed) they burnmy tongue and throat and my tongue is so swollen that I can't swollow pills, let alone water and my tylenol. I just let the salavia drip at my mouth most times cause i cant swollow. I am going to try some icecream. maybe the cold will help witht he swelling. I dont regrat having it done...but the dull pain is annoying and getting worse you know. the nose bleeds are constant. guh!
my mouth is dry and sore and full of saliva i got a headache.....but i keep hearing the first week is the hardest.....I'm only on my first day.....its barley been 24 HOURS!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My surgery is at 1030 tomorrow! I am so freaking out right now! My stomach has been going 100 miles an hour with panic! I also got my pre-op instructions....not too bad....just the no drinking (even water) after MIDNIGHT! UGH!!!!!!!! I'm always so thirsty! My husband took the day off (actually 6 days off) to take care of me. I have to stay over night at the hospital, but that's not too bad. I can do one night. I also need to pack my hospital bag. But since my surgery isn't till 1030 I have time to do that tomorrow. I AM SO FREAKIN NERVOUS! AHHHH! I'm WAY more nervous then excited! Well all Wish me luck! I'll post some pre-op pictures tonight, and my post-op pictures as soon as I can!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 more days!!!!!

So I went to the orthodontist and he just wanted to add some more wire ties at the bottom 6 of my teeth so that they wont shift. Tomorrow I should get the phone call of my appointment time. And I also get my Olive Garden dinner....aka the last supper :)

I was nervous the past few days but now I am just anxious. I am just so ready for this surgery to be done and over with. I just want to get it done already! I have a feeling these last two days are going to be slow as hell. I keep looking at my prediction photos (which I still have to post) and just "awing" over them. Let me see if I can post them now.....

Yay I added the photos! I look so horrible in these pictures! And my hair was so short!! Now my hair is shoulder length


Monday, August 17, 2009

My ortho forgot what!?!

The front desk lady at my ortho's office called me today. My ortho needs me to come back later today because he needs to add something to my braces that he forgot? I'm not sure what he forgot, but I'll find out tonight.
Also, I decided to get a makeover after the surgery instead. I think I will need a little pick me up to help me adjust to my new face. I am going to add a few before pics here pretty soon. Maybe if I have time I'll do that tonight......

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm ugly!!!!!!!

Now, that my surgery is coming up I am feeling very ugly, and self conscious.....I think its because I am scrutinizing the way my face looks because I know that it will be changing, and I am looking ever-so-closely at all my faults. So to cheer me up I am going to get a little mini-makeover this weekend. I am going to get my hair and nails done. Plus I want to get my hair done before surgery so that I don't have to mess with it post surgery.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Change of plans

My oral surgeon left me a message (I called him back but he was in surgery) asking me if I want the cheek implants. He said that with the way he is moving my top jaw that he wants to do cheek implants. He said if I opt out of the cheek implants that my face might droop. So I think I will go with the cheek implants. And also my friend (who is an oral surgery assistant) wants to assist for my surgery. I told her yes.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy schedule!

I wrote a big long rant....but my computer lost service and it never got published! UGH!

Well the shorter version is: I am getting so scared that I am going to back out of this surgery. I trust my surgeon 100% but I am still scared. I feel like I will back out at the last minuet. I still have so much to do. I need to buy food, dvds, books, and make finale preparations with my family to make sure that they can still make it down here the day before so they can watch the kids while my husband and i are at the hospital. I get my surgical hooks put on a week before the surgery and also get my labs done that same day. I have a cleaning two days before my surgery. I feel like I am running out of time.

I'm also scared that I wont like the finale product. I feel like I will look worse then I do now. I'm scared that I wont look like the image I have in my head. I'm just so scared, nervous, and anxious.
13 more days till surgery day.