Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 more days!!!!!

So I went to the orthodontist and he just wanted to add some more wire ties at the bottom 6 of my teeth so that they wont shift. Tomorrow I should get the phone call of my appointment time. And I also get my Olive Garden dinner....aka the last supper :)

I was nervous the past few days but now I am just anxious. I am just so ready for this surgery to be done and over with. I just want to get it done already! I have a feeling these last two days are going to be slow as hell. I keep looking at my prediction photos (which I still have to post) and just "awing" over them. Let me see if I can post them now.....

Yay I added the photos! I look so horrible in these pictures! And my hair was so short!! Now my hair is shoulder length