Saturday, August 29, 2009

day 8 band not doing good

Today is day 8 post op. And things are not going well for me. I am so swollen, numb it hurts to smile. And I love smiling. My numbness is not what is bothering the most, nor the swelling. It's the pain I get from the stitches when I smile. I still can't talk properly. You can barley even understand when I speak. I am not looking forward to going to work on Tuesday. ugh!
I am also frustrated at the fact that i can't open my mouth. It hurts to open my mouth. I only had my upper jaw worked on, why is it so painful to open? My swelling has gone down from day three/four which was the worst...but it seems to have stopped. I'm just feeling depressed today. Hopefully this will pass soon.


  1. Oh sweetie, I remember this part so well! I remember feeling just like you are take a little comfort in knowing "this to shall pass". :) I couldn't speak or smile normally for about a month, but you will get a little better each day. Just try to be patient with yourself and find some joy in those little improvements each day. I only had my lower jaw done as well and it does hurt a lot. Even though you only have your lower jaw broken, you upper will hurt a bit because it is now hinging differently, so don't be too scared. (Mine still aches a bit and I'm three months post op.) I think for me it was at two months when I could finally open about three fingers wide. By this time next week you will be feeling so much better and talking much better too, but it will be a few more weeks after that until you are feeling confident in your speach and smile. Hang in there and remember the worst part is behind you!!! :) Bless you.


  2. Each day gets better. I also remember all of this, so know that it is normal. I had upper, lower, palate split, and sinus surgery all at one time. It does take awhile to get through this, but you will. You hang in there and let others help you out during this time. I am five months post op and still have some pain in my right side, but it is nothing like the beginning. You will make it!!!!! Many blessings to you!!! : )

  3. That pain was terrible - from smiling. My best friend and husband LOVE to snip at each other and make fun of each other and it's hilarious - but I would actually cry as I was laughing because it hurt so much.

    And dude, I'm two months out and it KILLS me to open my mouth still. Hopefully since you just had upper it won't be as long, though.

    Hang in there! You're getting past the rough stuff.

  4. The doctors say that the reason that you can't open your mouth is because your jaw locks up from the trauma of surgery. They say it depends on the person as to how long it takes to loosen up. When I had my wisdom teeth out, I couldn't open my mouth for 2 weeks. i'm having upper and lower jaw surgery in two weeks (plus I have advanced arthritis in my jaw), so I'm not expecting to be able to open my mouth for a very long time :-/ I hope you start feeling better soon! Thanks for writing about your experience!

  5. I had upper and lower jaws done back in June and I totally understand the painful smiling! It felt like the inside of my lips were going to split open especially on the left side. I think it was around week 4 that the pain went away, but I know it can be different for each person. Hang in there! It does get better!!