Friday, August 28, 2009

Day DOES get better!

Well today is day Seven after surgery. My face is still swollen. It's more swollen in more places then others. My face is still numb, and its starting to peel. I was putting lotion on my face and all of a sudden i look at my hand and there is dead skin on it, mixed with lotion! EW!
My gums where my rubber bands are, are itching like crazy! My Dentist said that i just need to make sure that I get under there real good with my water jet.
Let's see, what else.....I guess that is about it. My teeth hurt from being clenched, it feels so weird to chew because my teeth touch so differently now. And since the moved my upper jaw so far forward I feel like my tongue has so much room in my mouth to move. My throat still stings when I eat foods. And my tongue is still numb, which sucks because I can't really taste food. Not that I am eating much. Pudding got boring real quick, and I HATE ensure with a passion! But my wonderful, wonderful husband is making me pasta! YUM! I hope I can eat it. Its still hard to eat, but when I do eat I get so much energy.....for a little while anyways.
I see my OS on Tuesday, and my ortho on Friday. I am hoping that I can get most of my bands off, so that I can eat some real food.
OH! And I also have to go back to work on Tuesday....That's ten days after my surgery....I don't think I can do it. I'm going to ask my OS for more time. I'm still super swollen, and only my husband can understand me.

Also, is anyone else's saliva so freakin thick!?! Whats up with that?

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  1. Lookin' beautiful!!

    Thanks for your comment, every day is easier than the last, and I am feeling so much better!

    I never want to put another spoonful of pudding in my mouth again, haha! So tired of it! Ensure is nasty, but I think that chocolate Boost is pretty good.. as far as those kinds of drinks go.

    I took a month of from work.. at ten days I couldn't even imagine going back.

    hope you get better fast! :)