Monday, August 31, 2009

Day ten-am i seeing progress?

My swelling is down a lot! But I still look like I got jumped. I have such a fat lip, that no matter how much chap stick I put on it still splits and bleeds. I am eating more, which brings up my energy levels. In fact I am trying to eat a piece of cake right now :) And I opened up my mouth wide enough to get all that nasty shit off my tongue. That was so freakin gross! ugh! It took like a good 20-25 min to get it all off too. Yuck! I almost have all the feeling in my nose. I have a little feeling in my cheeks, and my upper lip and the area between my upper lip and my nose gets that tingling feeling. Which is good.
I start work tomorrow....ugh! My job is being very accommodating so far. I have two appts tomorrow. I have an ortho appt, and an OS appt tomorrow. So I don't have to go back to work till after my appointments which will be like 1300! YAY! Half day! I am going to ask the OS if I can either have another week off, or work half days. I just don't have the energy to work yet, and I cant talk that well. It's embarrassing.
I am getting my stitches taken out tomorrow by my OS, does that hurt? I am so nervous!


  1. I remember the gross tongue stuff... so glad you have been able to get rid of it!

    Don't be ashamed taking more time off work... the more rest you get, the better you heal! And the less you try to talk, the less pain you'll be in. Stay at home as long as you can!

    If my experience is any indication, the stitches that were ready to come out didn't hurt, but the ones that were still clinging to the skin burned. It was a sharp pain that didn't last.

  2. i am better, thank you for asking. i have to go take all these dumb blood tests three times a week until my blood is where it's supposed to be with the anti-coagulant, and my leg hurts when i walk for too long... but i've gone back to school and hopefully by the time i go back to work in two weeks my leg will not be hurting anymore :) it's good that your work is accomodating your healing.. it's important!

    my chin and bottom lip are still numb, and it feels so weird to talk! and smiling.. i can only do a little half-smile with my lips closed. it's so weird. here's to smiling normally soon!

  3. Hey Stephanie, thanks for the updates. I just heard today that oil of Vitamin E is supposed to really good for severely chapped lips. Might be worth a shot...take care!