Monday, August 24, 2009

day three and getting worse

like i said yesterday I am now on liquid vicodin becaused i founf out that i am allergic to percoset. The vicodin WAS doing the trick....untill I saw my ortho this morning and he gave me two box style bands two onboth sides. and he also wants me to start eating fish and stuff.but i can't open my im not in the mood for eating. my jaw hurts just from forcing my mouth opento eat soup.
the pain is at a stable 4 on the pain scale. Its so annoying, direct heat works pretty well. i go back to the doc in two weeks and see my ortho in two weeks also.
My nose is also so stuffed! not blowing it is a pain in the ass! ugh! i am just hurting so much i am regretting this surgery so much! my doc said i wont start to feel better till monday...not today monday, but in a week monday! UGH! He said the first week is the did you guys deal with the constatn pain?


  1. I sooooooo understand what you are going is awful!!!!!!!!!!!! Just know it will get better and you will be happy you did it.

    My doctor allowed me to take ibuprofen between pain meds... maybe you can do that. I think it helped me. I also used ice packs then after a week I alternated ice and moist heat...(rice in sock put into microwave) lol

    Hang in there girl... it will all be worth it soon! : )


  2. I also took ibuprofin AND tylenol between pain meds - you have to be careful and make sure that your vicodin or whatever prescription painkiller you are taking doesn't have tylenol (acetaminaphen or whatever) in it. So I'd rotate between tylenol, ibuprofen, and my oxycodone or demerol.

    Also, like rita said, maybe try rotating ice and heat.

    I felt the same way during the first week - the first week is terrible, the second week is much better but still pretty sucky, and then it's good to go pretty much.