Sunday, August 23, 2009

more details on surgery,and med allergy! and pics!

check out those lips! so swollen
going to get ice cream! yum!
i love looking at this picutre, my teeth fit together nicley
front profile
side profile

trying to smile! :) right after surgery
no more underbite!

So my surgery was five hours long, just an hour longer then anticipated. The part that took the longest, was making my cheek implants even. The pain right now is a constant three. Its annoying its like having this constant buzzing in your ear you know? They gave me percasit/oxycodon for the pain...come to find out I am allergic to it. It makes my tongue and throat itch and swell so my husband took my to the ER and they flushed it out of my system, and gave me some liquid vicodin....which i took 2.5 hours too late this morning because i did not set my alarm properly lol!
Back to the surgery. I had a lefort one, tongue tie, and cheek implants. I have no sinus problems at all! Nasty things are dripping out of my nose, but I can breath just fine. I am so happy about this! The feeling in my cheeks, and my nose are coming back also. The tingling gets on my nerves, but I know that its a good thing. The oral surgeon says I can take my remaining two rubber bands off today. He took two off yesterday because I could not open my mouth, but the pressure of the remaining two rubber bands are killing my lower jaw! My top jaw does not even hurt a little bit, its the muscles in my bottom jaw because of the rubberbands.
I see my OS tomorrow for more rubberbands, and xrays.
So, sorry again for these posts, the vocodin is making my mind all hazy, and I know my blog is all over the place.
But I am feeling much better today then yesterday which is surprisingly good. here are some pics!


  1. Yeah! It's probably such a relief to have the surgery behind you. I hope your recovery goes quickly. Your teeth look great and your lips are so "Angelina Jolie". I noticed on your blog you mentioned Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery. Was Randy Robinson your surgeon? Just wondering because I'm planning on him doing mine. I live in Colorado Springs. June

  2. yayyy no more underbite! thinking of you as you recover!

  3. You look great already! Wow! Crossing my fingers that my surgery will go just as well. Hope you continue to have a good recovery!

  4. I think you are confusing my b log with someone elses i had my surgery in RI.

  5. So sorry that the pain is constant. I haven't had surgery done yet, so I hate to give you any advice. Hang in there though. I must have been confused. I thought I saw a link to parkmeadowscosmeticsurgery. Anyway, you're in RI so that wouldn't be who you used. Blessings to you.

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