Saturday, August 22, 2009

on the other side!

i made it!!!!!!!! sorry ahead of time if this is all over the place I am still medicated. The surgery lasted 5 hours. i got done yesterday and I am already at home. Thank God! I do miss the meds though lol! I had a lefort one, cheek implants and got rid of a tongue tie i did not know I had. My pain is at about a 4 right now. Its pretty constant but I am handeling it. My bit looks so nice! Minus being so swollen. my cheeks are what's throbbing right now.
Ice and aquaphor are my friend right now. And childrens motrin and tylenol. My teeth also hurt from my top teeth hitting my brackets. Since I had work on my tongue done i cant take my pills (crushed) they burnmy tongue and throat and my tongue is so swollen that I can't swollow pills, let alone water and my tylenol. I just let the salavia drip at my mouth most times cause i cant swollow. I am going to try some icecream. maybe the cold will help witht he swelling. I dont regrat having it done...but the dull pain is annoying and getting worse you know. the nose bleeds are constant. guh!
my mouth is dry and sore and full of saliva i got a headache.....but i keep hearing the first week is the hardest.....I'm only on my first day.....its barley been 24 HOURS!


  1. Hang in there! It'll get better. The first few days were very overwhelming for me, as well.

  2. Congratulations on getting through the surgery. Amazing that you are already blogging.

  3. Its easy for me to blog becuase I am not in that much pain! lol! As of now anyways, Ever does say the first week is hard so I am expecting things to get worse.

  4. Hi, Changes911
    I am looking forward to the same procedure. Your blog has really helped me. I've already completed the first phase of my surgery but now for the second phase, me and my oral surgeon (Dr. Neugarten) aren't on the same page. I feel like I need cheek implants with my surgery and my OS doesn't agree. I live in New York and surprisingly so, it's been hard for me to find an OS who also performs cheek implants. Can you please help me... I would really like to know the name of the oral surgeon who worked on you, so that I may get a second opinion and actually find someone who would be willing and able to perform cheek augmentation. From the looks of the pictures you provided, your surgery was a success. Please, may you help me?