Monday, September 14, 2009

DAY 24

Well the numbness in my cheeks is almost gone. Which is good. That is what was the most irritating. The numbness in my nose is doing much better. Just one spot on both nostrils is still numb. I am starting to get the feeling back in upper palate. Every now, and then I get this pulsing and then this pain but then it goes away. My upper lips is still swollen and numb. The numbness does not bother me as much as the swollen-ness. When I smile it looks like I got a bad face lift! :) And when I talk or yawn it looks like I have no upper teeth because my upper lip is so swollen. But its not as swollen as day 18 so thats good. I'm pretty sure the feeling in my upper lip is coming back. I get these weird sensations in my lips. It feels like walking into spider webs, then it gets more intense and feels like pricklies. Like when when your foot falls asleep. And most recently the edges of my upper lip get cold sensations. My tongue is in bad shape though. My tongue tie is worse then it was I have to get that done....I'm traumatized from my surgery so I think I'll get that done after the braces come off (December) and after the holidays.
A numb tongue, upper lip upper teeth, palate, and short tongue make kissing horrible! About 60% of my tongue is numb. Sorry my thoughts are all over the place. OH! And i'm off the pain meds, and have been eating regularly for the past week.


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  2. HI, I am looking forward to the same procedure but now for the second phase of this journey me and my oral surgeon aren't on the same page. I feel like I need cheek implants with my surgery and he doesn't think so. Can you please help me... I would really like to know the name of the oral surgeon who worked on you. Please, may you get back to me?