Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things are going good!

I had my first day of work, and it wasn't bad. My mouth and jaw hurt by the end of the day, and I was so tired! It was so bad today that I had to take a dose of vicodin. I didn't want to but I was in so much pain! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And getting out the house, and going to work has actually done some good. I feel so much better. The depression is gone, and I'm not scared for people to see me so swollen.
I saw my orthodontist and he said that my bite looks so good! He said that all he has to do is use rubber bands to bring my premolars down. Currently they do not touch. I see him next week, and he will change out my wires and give me a new rubber band configuration.
I also saw my OS. He said since my stitches still hurt that my stitches were not ready to be taken out. He will be seeing me on Tuesday to take them out. I didn't think that I would be ready for stitches removal by then, but my stitches hurt less and less everyday.
I am too lazy to put pictures up tonight, but I will tomorrow.
I also lost so much weight! I'm not sure in pounds, but I did go down one pant size. I want to eat my weight back so bad! I AM SO HUNGRY! But instead my husband is going to take me to the gym starting tomorrow. I lost weight, so now I just need to lose a few more and tone up.


  1. Hey Stephanie, that's great that you're back to work! It's been about 12 days, right? You didn't mention how your co-workers reacted to you...what was it like? Was it strange or awkward in any way?

  2. Wow, you got back to work fast! That's great! Did you go back for a full day, or are you taking it slow to start off? And where do you work, if you don't mind my asking?

  3. That is great! I was out of work a lot longer. I am glad you are feeling well. Everyday gets better!!! = )